review Review: Best Domain Registration & WordPress Hosting Platform Review: Analysing Domain Registration & WordPress Hosting Platform for Bloggers. If you’re a blogger, or wish to be one, you’re exactly where you should be.

In this piece, I’d be analyzing every aspect that brings with itself using live examples. This includes pricing, setup process, how things benefit you and much more. review is one of the best options for WordPress hosting so if you’re building a PBN/money site, see if it’s worth your time?

No investments required. The company offers a 100% free 7-day trial you can go with! Let’s begin then?

Best Domain Registration & WordPress Hosting Platform

Domain registration

So, the first aspect we’d analyze on is its domain registration feature. Yes, isn’t just a hosting provider.

You can get your domain(s) right here without needing an external domain provider.

When I say analyze, I intend to get you a very solid, concrete idea of the entire process.  Here’s how the process goes on

  • Available extensions: lets you register both traditional TLDs as well as the newer extensions that have come up.

E.g. you can register .com/.org/.net/ but also .io/.tech/.website and others which are relatively new.

  • Pricing & offers: almost always has one or the other promotion running, specially on the most popular TLDs. One of SeekaHost’s specialities is that it shows you the renewal pricing when you first sign up. You aren’t misled with cheap entry-level prices.  The overall pricing is similar to what most other companies currently charge for domains.

  • Registration process:

The entire process only requires you to go through 3 pages. You add the domain to your cart > enter your contact information > make your payment.

  • Time required for completion: 

You’d need a maximum of 8-10 minutes to register a domain at even if you’re a very basic user.

Check out the Video to Learn More:

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Analyzing WordPress Hosting Platform is a provider that’s solely and exclusively for WordPress blog hosting. Yes, they do call themselves specialists.

Obviously, we wouldn’t just take them at face value. Let’s see what’s being offered and for how much?

So, offers 3 different servers. WordPress can be installed on all of these in a single click. The available servers are:

  • PBN servers
  • WordPress servers
  • A-class servers

PBN WordPress servers

If you’re hosting a PBN site, may be worth your time.

If you’re new, just know that PBNs may help you boost your SERP massively. It’s actually one of the most effective SEO strategies on the planet.

You build multiple websites with the sole purpose of passing link juice to your primary money site.

Of course it’s not 100% loved by Google because of its massive impact and power. Hence, building a PBN requires some caution and a few specific features. These features are exactly what’s PBN package offers:

  • Speciality: 

SeekaHost is owned by some of the most knowledgeable PBN-experts on the planet.  Each of these server packages will offer you:

  • Unique IP addresses for each domain URL.
  • IPs will be from different IP classes (A/B/C)
  • The location of these IPs/servers will be different from each other.
  • Why it matters:

Most PBNs don’t succeed because they aren’t built right. Google is extremely smart. It can detect when the same owner is operating multiple sites just for the link juices.

With, you get to evade Google without actually doing anything extra or special.

  • Live example:

It isn’t an “analysis” unless we test it out for ourselves, is it?

Well, I’m on their 150 PBN plan. Here are some of the PBNs I’ve currently built:

For each domain, the IP I got was obviously unique + from a different IP class.

So yes, does make good on its promises.

  • Pricing: 

As for pricing, I doubt you’d find cheaper plans than Plans start at $1.15/month. I personally haven’t seen these offered cheaper anywhere else.

WordPress & A-class servers

Technically, all servers are WordPress servers. WordPress can be installed in a single click on any of these servers.

However, you can choose from two different plans, the “WordPress servers” and then the “A-class servers”.

  • Why it matters:
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If you need the perfect balance between “budget : server quality”; WordPress servers are your best bet. However, if budget isn’t an issue and you need the best IPs, “A-class servers” are what you should go for.

  • Pricing plans:

WordPress servers start as low as $1.20/month. A-class servers are naturally more expensive starting at $2.00/month.

Installing WordPress on any (PBN/WP/A-class) Server

If I’m analyzing a “WordPress hosting platform”, it’s logical I analyze the actual WordPress setup process, isn’t it?

In my opinion, it’s extremely easy.

I first go to my “Websites & blogs” tab and then choose the plan I’m using. In this case, I’ve got both its PBN package as well as WordPress package. So, I click on the “WordPress sites” tab. I can finally click on the “Create new blog” button.

I then need to enter my domain and blog title and click on “Add Blog”.

My PBN blog gets created instantly. I repeat this process with all the domains I’ve purchased for my PBN and it’s done!

  • Optional customizations:

WordPress is known for its third-party compatibility, isn’t it? You can use millions of themes and a few hundred thousand plugins on your WordPress blog. offers optional customizations for your blog.

You can choose which theme/plugins you need/ do not need on your blog.

  • Analysis report:

The process of creating a WordPress blog on requires exactly 2 page-hops and about 3 clicks. I’d say that’s fast, easy and straightforward, wouldn’t you? The optional customizations also offer you the flexibility you need if you’d like to change things up.

Over $100 worth in Freebies probably offers the maximum number of freebies I’ve ever seen any provider offer.

The freebies offers are some of the most important tools  you’ll need for your WordPress blog.

  • Free migration: This is beneficial only to those who already have an existing blog. If you do, team will migrate your website to SeekaHost 100% free.
  • Free SSL: Without SSL you’ll never get rankings, or visitors. offers 100% free SSL + one-click installation of the same.
  • 100% free backups: Imagine you work on your site for a year and then one day you lose it all. prevents exactly that from happening. You get daily backups without paying anything extra. Almost no other provider does that, not daily in any case.
  • Free e-mails: servers also offer a free e-mail ID. This helps you look more professional and increase your delivery + open rates.
  • DDoS and Malware protection: offers built-in protection from DDoS attacks and malware.
  • Why it matters:
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These help you save money as well as time. That’s because you’d have to buy/install these on your blog anyhow for it to function normally. It’s just that these are free on

Use free for 7 days (analyze on your own?)

So, I clearly am in love with SeekaHost. You don’t have to be.

If you’ve got doubts, you can always analyze the entire platform on your own. Yes, each plan (WordPress/PBN/A-class) can be analyzed independently, for free!

Click this link to sign up at and avail 7-day free trial for any (or all) the plans.

Support needs Improvement

This analysis wouldn’t be completely honest if I said they’ve the best support I’ve ever seen.

They offer support via tickets. This can be accessed right from within your dashboard. They do reply to these tickets within a few minutes or hours.

However, I honestly believe if they offered a live-chat that would improve things a lot. review: Domain Registration & WordPress Hosting Platform Analysis Report

So, what do we look for when we analyze a domain registrar and hosting provider?

The pricing- In this case, WordPress sites can be hosted for as low as $1.15/month.

Server quality- I’ve never seen any of my sites go down. I’m sure they will at some point in time, no server offers 100% uptime. But, for $1.15/month I’m more than happy with the uptime I’m getting.

Security features- Sites are auto-secured against DDoS and malware attacks. Impressive, right?

Freebies: Free SSL + backups + migrations + DDoS protection so I’m not complaining.

Trust: The company offers absolutely free trial for 7 days. You can try it out before you commit any money, builds trust, doesn’t it?

In a nutshell, I’d say SeekaHost offers exactly what new as well as existing bloggers may find interesting. That’d be all folks. I believe you can get off this Review now and go give it a try on your own?  

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