What Is Your Business Doing for the Environment?

What Is Your Business Doing for the Environment?

When you’re in the business world, you have large amounts of waste. If your business generates recyclable waste, have you considered investing in a baler machine to help reduce the volume of waste while also saving you time and money?

What Is Your Business Doing for the Environment?

Balers can be added to your industrial shredder. Balers are used for recyclable materials such as cardboard, plastic, paper, and metal. These machines bulk them up and get them ready for pickup. They compress all the recyclable materials, then they’re put in compact bales that make them easy to transport.

The rest of this article will cover the top five reasons why you should consider investing in a baler.

Top 5 Reasons Why you should consider Investing in a Baler

1. They’re Easy to Use

Balers are designed for shredding waste. Thanks to this, they’re easy to use. The easier your technology is to use, the more accessible it is to your employees. Your employees will thank you for giving them an easy way to recycle their waste.

2. Quiet Machinery Despite Large Size

When you see a baler, it’s intimidating because of its size. Rest easy since these machines aren’t nearly as loud as they look. A downside to a baler is the large size, but it makes up for it by staying quiet throughout the day. Even when active, it’s not as loud as it seems.

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The reason why this is so important is because loud, clunky machinery is distracting to workers. If you were to bring in a loud shredder, it would disrupt the natural flow of the environment. It can easily frustrate your employees, so having a quiet, or somewhat quiet, machine is imperative.

3. Energy-Saving Mode

When your baler is not in use, you can switch to “energy-saving mode” to keep it quiet while also preserving energy. Think of this like a screensaver on a computer. Technically, the machine is still on, but the energy is saved so you can reduce the electrical costs.

If you’re worried about how much a baler will cost, yes, it is costly, but the manufacturers know that and put in the energy-saving mode to help combat this. If you decide to get a baler, make sure you utilize the energy-saving mode so you can save money while still practicing recycling.

4. Reduces Your Scrap Volume

Balers can reduce your scrap volume by up to seventy percent. Not only does this keep your environment tidy, but it also helps you financially. The less scrap you have, the less money you’ll have to spend on preventive measures such as extra shredders and cleaning crews.

Balers are a huge purchase, but in the long run, they’ll save you a significant amount of money. Along with that, they save you lots of time. The more scrap you have, the more time you’ll have to spend picking it up and disposing of it properly.

With a baler, you no longer have that worry. It’s as simple as throwing your recyclable waste away, meaning you don’t have to take the extra time and spend the extra money picking up preventable scrap.

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5. Recycling

Recycling is important for every business since you can impress your customers, keep your work environment clean, and keep your workers motivated. Balers recycle materials by compressing them and putting them into compact bales.

From there, you can transport them and recycle them easily. It’s perfect for those who don’t have much time, but still want to make a positive impact on the environment. Plenty of businesses are overworked and behind, and balers can help reduce stress.

Balers will give your employees motivation since they know their environment is clean, and their recyclable waste is being used in the right way.


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