How to Bet on Slots

How to Bet on Slots – for Beginners

Are you new to betting on slots? Read our short and straightforward guide to learn the secrets to slot gaming today.

How to Bet on Slots

Of all the games you can choose to play in the online casino world, internet slots are arguably the most famous of the lot. You can choose from thousands of variants, each with its own twist on the rules. However, slots aren’t the most numerous or the most famous – they are also amongst the simplest to play. If you need a little help getting started, we’re here to provide that assistance. Here is our gambling guide to betting on slots as a beginner.

How Does a Slot Machine Work?

Most of you will already have a rough idea of what to expect with slots. There are reels and paylines. Every time you wager, the reels (sometimes known as drums in the land-based betting world) spin. Each slot reel has symbols on it, and you must try and match the same, identical symbols across the reels to win.

There are places where they can appear to pocket prizes, routes across the reels, if you will. These are known as paylines or ways to win. If identical symbols appear on them, you’ll win. If they don’t appear on those paylines or ways to win, you won’t.

Of course, there are special features which add extra elements to slot gameplay, but for the most part, that’s all you need to know to start playing. Besides, each slot has its own features, and they can vary. You can find out how special features work by playing slots for free or by checking the paytable.

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Setting Your Coin Values and Paylines

To bet on slots, you must first set the value of your coins. There will be a button that decides this. In some older slot machines, you may also be able to adjust the number of coins you stake per payline. However, this feature has been seemingly phased out in newer games.

Next, you need to sort out your paylines. Older games used to allow you to chop and change between the number of lines you played with. Newer games feature fixed paylines, taking this element of your control. In newer games, you can place fixed bets.

In older ones, your total stake is determined by multiplying the value of your coins against the number of slot coins you want to wager per spin. Finally, multiply that against the number of paylines in play.

Paytable Prizes

The amount you can win will vary. It is often based on the amount you bet and the type of winning combination you land. If you check the slot’s paytable, you will see all sorts of prizes up for grabs for various symbol combos.

Some are worth more than others. The better-paying symbols tend to appear less frequently on the reels than the more common ones.

Winnings Are Proportional to Your Bet

Anything you win will typically be proportional to whatever you’ve bet. For instance, if the paytable says that for a five-of-a-kind (five symbols in a row) for Combination A, you will win 1,000x, this means you’ll win a thousand times your bet.

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Because it is proportional, if you bet $1, you’ll win $1,000. If you bet $5, you’ll win $5,000. Of course, there are exceptions here, such as randomly triggered prizes and progressive jackpot prizes. You can discover those at your leisure, though.


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