5 Tips for Building Safe Backlinks for SEO Rankings 1

5 Tips for Building Safe Backlinks for SEO Rankings

When marketing your website, there is a danger that you will get on the wrong side of search engines. It’s up to the website creator to understand the rules when interacting with search engines. Google Penguin is a powerful tool, so stay on its good side to stay on top of the rankings. 

5 Tips for Building Safe Backlinks for SEO Rankings 2
5 Tips for Building Safe Backlinks for SEO Rankings 16

1. Don’t Copy Competitors

Link building services provide specific advantages to websites that want to climb the rankings. What shoots one website up in the rankings can completely destroy another website. There is a huge difference between copying an idea and copying the actual content.

The former will let you manipulate the data to suit your needs, while the latter will give you a quick lesson from Google Penguin.

Get your ideas from competitors, but let a link building service turn those ideas into a compatible work for search algorithms.

2. Use Various Metrics

One metric is never the full story for a website’s success. Tying your overall strategy to something like Cost Per Link is an easy way to misuse ROI metrics. Yes, the purpose of a website is to make money or boost a brand.

But when you maximize something like ROI over every other metric, it leads to a path where you abuse link building and land in the crosshairs of Google Penguin. Stay safe by using multiple metrics to come to a better conclusion with link building.

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3. Network

It’s understandable that not everyone loves to network in this business. Unfortunately, that type of attitude can lead to future failures. Content matters when building links, so you want to have as many resources as possible.

The best link partners won’t even look in your direction without a little bit of legwork. This is an important lesson when you’re dealing with a niche industry where the contacts are locked up tight.

With that out of the way, here is an even more important part about networking – the people you network with can share personal information on dealing with Google Penguin.

4. Check Guest Bloggers

Pay attention to the guest bloggers on your platform. Depending on how much control you give up, they could inadvertently trigger Google Penguin.

This happens often when you bulk approve edits without paying attention to the finer details. Don’t waste a guest blogger spot by being careless or letting due dates get the best of you.

5. Some Social Media Platforms Are Tricky

Everyone knows about the big platforms in social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat. But there are lesser-known platforms, or platforms that websites would consider problematic to be associated with.

A good example of this is TikTok, which regularly ranks as high as the big platforms, but not always for the right reasons. If your link building strategy involves ‘other’ social media platforms, then pay close attention to their usage.

While they may rank high on their own, including them in your link building strategy could have the opposite effect when factoring in Google Penguin.

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A Solid Choice

Complacency should never take the place of compliancy. Google Penguin will keep your website relevant, but only if you stay within the updated guidelines.

Links are an important part of your marketing, so knowing them inside and out is your responsibility.

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