How To Market Your New IT Product

How To Market Your New IT Product

So, your product has come a long way from idea to creation and is ready to enter the market. But the release is only half the success. Now you need to tell the audience about the product and create demand.

It’s not so easy to do. Your fruitful and hard work doesn’t end there. Your task is to plan the marketing campaign, product promotion strategy, and project protection.

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And now let’s move on to our tips on how to market your IT product immediately after development.

To begin with, it’s worth noting that it’s usually easier to promote a product that is already on the market than a new one. But don’t despair.

There are many ways to market a completely new project. Read about some of them below.

How To Market Your New IT Product
How To Market Your New IT Product 26

Content Marketing

This method includes textual, video, and photo content — everything that can introduce users to the product and tell more about it. Materials are promoted organically, for instance, in search results or YouTube searches.

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You can start a blog on your website, social media, or blog platforms. Tell people about how you came to start this project, what difficulties you faced, and what awaits it in the future. It will get the audience’s attention.

SMM & Targeted Advertising

Social media is the most accessible way to spread content about your product. You can start with publications on your page, then friends and acquaintances will become the first buyers.

Write, take pictures, and shoot videos. If you are active, social network algorithms will help you reach a new audience.

Then you can continue to upgrade your personal page or create a separate one — for the brand — to communicate with users and potential customers.

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Targeted advertising is a tool that helps you search for an audience on your own, rather than waiting for users to find you. In fact, this is a continuation of SMM, but you don’t depend on algorithms and organic promotion. You accelerate the spread of information and target those users who most closely match your parameters.

Bloggers and Influencers

People trust celebrity reviews, so blogger ads still work well and can lead to sales. You can search for bloggers on all platforms where your audience is: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Telegram, etc.

If the marketing budget is small, start with bloggers with an audience of several thousand subscribers. You can work with them on barter or for a small fee.

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Website & SEO Optimization

Your official website, which will contain basic product information, is your business card. So, order web development from web design professionals only.

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High-quality content, user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, style, and general concept will help to attract the maximum number of visitors.

A well-through-out SEO marketing strategy will help your website to rank high in Google search results.

You can’t do without on-page and off-page SEO, link building, keywords, and SEO optimization. Involve professionals so as not to waste budgets in vain.

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Email Marketing

Don’t discount this old but proven way of promoting a product. If this IT product isn’t your first project, then you probably have a user base that will be interested in this launch.

Send them all emails and embed a link to a product video. Some recipients will definitely be interested in your new creation. And this is very good.

Summing Up

There are no restrictions and limits on how to market your IT product, just like there are no universal marketing tips. We have listed only a few ways for you. You need to test various methods to understand what suits your particular product. In any case, we gave you a start. Everything else depends on you only.

We wish you the best of luck in marketing your new IT product!

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