How to Fix msvcp100.dll Errors

How to Fix msvcp100.dll Errors?    

Error messages usually pop up when a program is corrupted or damaged and the computer cannot run it. The Windows registry may have a problem that is indicated through such error messages.

It can also be a hardware failure or a virus attack that the user is unaware of. These errors can be seen in Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, or any other program which uses the msvcp100.dll file.

There are different variations of error messages related to the file, which include the following:

  • File not found
  • The application could not start because the file was not found, and reinstalling the application may fix the problem.
  • File is missing
  • A required component is missing (file name)

Windows displays these messages when it is shutting down, starting up, or when a new program is running for the first time. There may be cases when this error pops up only for certain programs and not others.

The troubleshooting process can help identify the time and identify the problem.

How to Fix the Errors?

How to Fix msvcp100.dll Errors?     1
How to Fix msvcp100.dll Errors?     16

The errors result from a corrupted or damaged document, so fixing it means reinstalling the program or package. You also have the option of downloading that specific document again. There are different ways to troubleshoot the problem and go ahead with running the application.

Update Your Windows

Many users fail to update their Windows version because it takes up a lot of time, thus affecting their productivity. Windows introduces patchwork and bug fixes from time to time which can take care of any programming errors.

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The update can help resolve the errors by updating the corrupted document with a new one. The program will automatically go through the issues and solve the problem when Windows is updated.

Check the Recycle Bin

There are times when the document is right in front of you, and you do not notice it. The missing document may be in the recycle bin in case the user accidentally deleted it. Windows will not run the file if it is placed in the recycle bin, and hence the error message is popping up.

There may be a case when you may have deleted the document and deleted the recycle bin because of which restoring may not be an option. However, there are file recovery programs that allow you to retrieve trash that has been deleted from the recycle bin.

One can easily install these programs free of cost. Before going through the steps, remember why you deleted the document and if it was corrupted.

Run a Virus Scan

If a document is corrupted or damaged, there is a chance of a virus or malware on your computer. It can be easily detected by running a scan of the entire system. The scan will detect issues in hardware security systems and other programs. If any malware is detected, it may be why the document was corrupted.

Reinstall the Program

There may be a particular program that is producing msvcp100.dll error messages while opening. Reinstalling the program which is producing the message may fix the issue.

If everything else is working correctly, then the error may be caused by that one application, and reinstalling it may fix the problem. It is advisable to reinstall the program from reliable sources and credible websites.

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The Takeaway

It is advisable to look for reliable Microsoft support for help with the installations and updates of the system so that you do not accidentally download corrupted documents.

Reinstalling the program producing the error can also help, and re-downloading the file and installing it again is also a valid option. Keep your computer updated whenever Windows notifies you of a bug fix.

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