Top 4 Items for Every Social Media Marketer

Social networks provide amazing opportunities for development. Thanks to social networks, you can grow your business, increase sales, advertise services, spread the word, make friends and even become popular!

This power of information dissemination makes it possible to use social networks as a business tool, which creates a new amazing profession – a SMM-specialist.

Let’s see what a social media specialist needs to know in 2022 to be as effective as possible.

Top 4 Items for Every Social Media Marketer 1

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The first trend, which you have probably already heard about, is still gaining momentum. Creating a community is a new one of the main trends of 2022!

This is primarily due to the fact that today people really need communities and communication.

Self-isolation, anxiety due to unpredictable restrictions, the transition of personal communication into the virtual space – all this makes people feel lonely.

People need a society where they feel comfortable interacting with the brand/blogger and their audience, a safe place to return to.

To create a community, you need:

  • To analyze your target audience, find out what unites people around you or your brand/customer;
  • To communicate more with the audience, engage them in a dialogue;
  • To emphasize common values ​​with Central Asia, talk more about them;
  • To determine how the community will benefit its members (communication, support, search for like-minded people, etc.).
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Chatbot in messengers

CNBC predicts that in 2022, about 90% of user requests will be processed by chatbots. We think you know that chatbots are an automated mechanism that helps in communication with customers.

Chances are you’ve come across these before. It can answer questions, send out newsletters, issue discount coupons, and perform other simple tasks.

  • How useful is such a tool?
  • This provides instant feedback;
  • Unloads the support service;
  • Reduces customer support costs.

Collaboration with micro-influencers

You may have noticed that big companies will get big ads from big influencers. However, that is already in the past.

Now micro and nano influencers with an audience of 100 to 100,000 subscribers are in trend.

They are more like real consumers, much closer to them, inspire confidence, and the level of audience in their blogs is much higher than that of celebrities.

The trend for cooperation with small blogs was outlined a year ago and is gaining popularity every day.

Nano-influencers often occupy a very narrow niche, and through them it is easier to promote products and services for a clearly defined category, for example, people with certain ailments or food preferences.


Agree, one cannot but rejoice at how actively the world is talking about the problem of social inequality. This gives brands ideas to turn their policies in an inclusive direction, showing the diversity of human life in design and advertising.

On trend:

  • Involvement of unusual models in advertising;
  • Creation of product lines for people of different builds and ages;
  • body positivity;
  • Inclusion of people with disabilities in marketing.
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Now people are starting to choose not just brands with good products or services, but brands with an active position, trying to be useful to a wide audience.

We hope you have learned a lot of new and interesting things for yourself, whether you are a professional or a layman. Social networks are a huge force and a great future for communication and business.

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