3 steps for lawyers To Improve Their Digital Marketing 1

3 steps for lawyers To Improve Their Digital Marketing

From small legal practices to big legal enterprises, all have undergone huge losses by producing half-baked marketing campaigns with minimal results. As digital marketing evolves, the techniques used should benefit law firms in building their brands.

Read on and get marketing ideas for law firms across their different sizes.

3 steps for lawyers To Improve Their Digital Marketing 2

Landing Pages Showcasing Core Services

Inclusive of most companies, law firms use an outdated layout on their service page. Most of them have a few links and an index that shows content in bullet form.

However, your potential clients are on the lookout for your services. They are not searching for “Butley and Sons Law Firm” but instead are searching for “Best DUI lawyer in Lexington.”

Treating your landing page as a pass timer is missing a great opportunity. Your service page may be the only page your client sees, and it should have enough information and make an impression that leads to conversion.

How can you make a landing page to convert? Make a sales point with urgency and a call to action (CTA).

For example, “Fill out this form, and we will contact you,” Click here and book a consultation,” “Call our offices now.” All these are a great call to action and use whatever works for your firm in lawyer marketing.

The content should be straightforward and with enough information for the client. Make it logical and not full of law terms. Include your experience and expertise, even if it’s on the “about us” page.

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Remember, this may be the only page your client visits, so make the best pitch.

Use a Chatbot

Chatbots are a form of chat support that takes a human answering a client based on their needs. It uses artificial intelligence and uses its resources to guide the user. Chatbots save the firm time and resources that customer agents would have used.

However, a company should not use a chatbot to bar a potential client from an employee. If a client needs a one-to-one with an employee, it pays to be available.

Chatbots can also generate leads by collecting email addresses and phone numbers for a follow-up.

There can be questionnaires that segment the users by their inquiries (real estate, corporate law, and others).

Email Campaigns

Email lists are valuable marketing assets, and their cost is negligible compared to others such as Google and Facebook ads.

Robust email lists have been known to create revenue-generating leads since you have an audience that you can keep for as long as you want.

Emails enable you to stay on top as a worthy competitor in your area of practice. You can give tips, share the day-to-day running of your business, tell stories and give scenarios of what you have handled.

You can also pitch, though the best is to provide valuable information and entertainment.

You can send out emails weekly or daily. Create automated email sequences to avoid extra work and get any leads familiar with your emails.

If your law firm deals with various sections of the law, then send out emails in segments. This way, your client receives emails that they would be interested in.

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You can get your subject’s preferences through the campaigns they responded to, the page (service landing page) they converted to, or the information they gave in a questionnaire.

This requires a CRM software or email management system to send out different mail to different subjects.

An email list contains leads that may not be ready for your services now but can quickly contact you in the future.

Generate leads to your law firm through chatbots, emails, and modern landing pages.

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