Create An Affiliate Marketing Site About Crypto

4 Essentials To Create An Affiliate Marketing Site About Crypto

It’s no secret that there are already a lot of websites about cryptocurrency on the internet currently.

Some of the names are very big players. If you’ve mentioned to anybody that is creating affiliate sites that you want to start one in the cryptocurrency niche then you have probably gotten a few warnings.

It’s far too competitive, they’ve surely told you. That doesn’t mean that you should listen to them and give up on the idea.

The reality is that there is a lot of money to be made in this niche. You just need to be able to follow through with some content marketing hacks and find a way to corner your little slice of the market.

In this article, we will go over the ways to compete in a niche like this and be successful.

4 Essentials To Create An Affiliate Marketing Site About Crypto 1

1 – Go for the long-tail keywords

Even the most competitive niches have some wiggle room when it comes to coming up with content that can get some traction. The trick is to find some topics to write about that are not being covered by other blogs and can write some quality posts about them.

These are called long tail keywords since a graph that shows the most competitive keywords to the least looks like a long tail.

They are keywords that are being searched by people, yet the volume is very low. Many bloggers ignore these topics because they don’t seem to be worth the effort.

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A new blogger needs to focus on these keywords because they are the only chance to compete.

There are a lot of wins to be had by going this route as your blog will be seen by the visitors as being a good resource. You are providing answers to questions that nobody else is covering.

An example of a long-tail keyword in the cryptocurrency space would be something like the query “how to buy Shiba Inu ” whereas a short-tail keyword would be “how to buy bitcoin”.

You’d have to get very lucky to rank in the top of the SERPs for the latter but could get some traction with the former.

If you are creating good content around these types of keywords then you should be able to get some traffic and do well no matter what the competition is like.

2 – Become an authority

It will take some time but you can become an authority in the space. Yes, there are others that are much bigger names that are authorities but there is plenty of room for more.

You have to focus on building the blog, but at the same time show Google that you are an authority on the topic.

If you make sure to build some name recognition, then Google will also pick up on this and end up rewarding you with lots of traffic. That’s when you can go for the more competitive keywords. This is when real success begins.

The way to build authority is to make sure your name is spread around the internet and attached to the cryptocurrency topic. The first thing is to build up a presence yourself.

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Start a Youtube and TikTok channel to build a following there. You’ll get some traffic from these sources but you’ll also show Google that you are a trusted figure. This will give a boost to your website in the rankings.

You should be doing the same thing with a social media presence. Make quality content that people want to share and your reputation will grow.

Once you start attracting attention, reach out to some podcasters or other influencers and see about getting an interview.

This will also give Google more of an idea of your authority and will help you grow your blog.

3 – Build an email list

While all of this is growing, you should be trying to grow your email list. Have a landing page on your blog that allows you to capture people’s emails as soon as you start the blog.

With all of your traffic sources providing visitors, your list should grow quickly.

The key is to offer something of value in return for the email. You could offer an ebook with investing tips for free, or some other downloadable that provides value to your readers.

They will be happy to give you their email if they feel that they are getting value from your content.

Then, you should follow up with some more emails with tips or thoughts that help them better understand cryptocurrency.

Once in a while, you can send a promotional email that is sponsored by a brand or give them a link to an offer that will pay you an affiliate commission if they make a purchase.

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Try to not use the list to promote too often or they will unsubscribe. People want to feel like you are helping them and not that they are guinea pigs for your marketing efforts.

A list is important because you have complete control over it. It doesn’t matter how much competition there is when you have an email list to draw upon. No algorithm change can take your email list away from you.

4 – Collaborate

Once you have begun to make a name for yourself but are still a small fish in a big pond, it’s time to reach out to some influencers in a parallel niche. You will want to work with them doing a collaboration that provides value for their audience and also gives you some extra traffic.

It’s not likely that your competition will want to work with you so the trick is to find a related niche. Something in the tech sector is an obvious one.

This way you can talk about cryptocurrency and give them your take on things.

You can often get a lot of traffic if you make an impression on their audience. As long as you are engaging and offer something they haven’t already heard then you will get a lot out of the collaboration.

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