How Deep Learning AI Can Help Challenger Brands

Challenger brands are considered as some brands that are neither going to be the market leaders nor be some niche companies. Although they are commonly perceived as the underdogs in the industry, they are more focused on what rather than who they challenge.

They possess ambitions that exceed their conventional marketing resources. However, the problem is that most upcoming brands resort to traditional marketing techniques for achieving customer acquisition, including affiliate marketing or SEO.

The solution lies in the deep learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) for strategic customer acquisition at some lower costs and retaining high-value customers.

For a challenger brand marketing agency specializing in deep, impactful marketing is of utmost importance. What are the ways they can get benefits and other details related to it?

How Deep Learning AI Can Help Challenger Brands 1
How Deep Learning AI Can Help Challenger Brands 8

What Is Deep Learning for Marketing?

As mentioned above, deep learning artificial intelligence or AI lays a solid foundation for strategic customer acquisition using neural networks (a series of algorithms that seek to identify the existing relationships in a dataset).

They are a series of algorithms that seek to understand the relationships in a data set according to a human brain’s functioning.

They are essential because humans or unadvanced machine learning tools cannot identify such patterns and complex relationships.

How Does Deep Learning Works in Marketing?

Deep learning algorithms identify specific audience clusters that marketing experts cannot recognize, thus providing them with a new set of potential customers. The algorithms also recognize the recurring patterns in an individual’s behavior and eventually apply that information to win the customer.

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Another advantage of artificial intelligence is adapting and evolving customer acquisition strategy to win new customers. Relying on prepackaged audience segments and general algorithms is one of the biggest mistakes made by challenger brands.

Even though they may provide results in the short term, brands must find audiences outside those segments to the target audience that other brands aren’t.

Deep learning AI takes the information available from the existing customers and uses that to find newer ones and scale the business.

How Can a Marketing Agency Help You?

1. They Are Specialists in Deep Learning AI

Even though challenger brands might know the application of artificial intelligence for marketing purposes, they might lack the skill, resources, and methodologies required to achieve the objective.

In contrast, a marketing agency could use methods like automating AI-powered advertising, building custom algorithms to attract new customers, assess the marketing impact, and win new customers.

The long-term benefits of using this method include:

  • Significantly reducing customer acquisition costs
  • Accurately measuring customer acquisition cost
  • Customized and scalable audience segments
  • Adaptive deep learning algorithms based on first-party data

2. Possess the Right Technology

Along with the required knowledge and information, the marketing agency will have the required technology, such as a deep learning marketing platform that lowers customer acquisition costs, predicts customer behavior correctly, and increases customer lifetime value.

By combining the first-party deterministic data with advanced processing techniques, the algorithms can optimize a client’s KPIs or key performance indicators.

3. Sufficient Experience

Since the agency would have worked with several companies, they would have sufficient experience delivering the required marketing results through artificial intelligence and deep learning. A reliable company will usually have a website with multiple case studies to understand how they work.

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A  challenger brand marketing agency with expertise in deep learning AI and the required technology will make sure that they achieve their short and long-term goals quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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