4 Reasons Why Shredding Documents is Important for an Organization

You might think you can shred the documents in the office by getting help from the staff, but you might need professional shredding services in many cases.

Moreover, in some industries, it is mandated by the law that businesses and organizations shred their documents through a shredding service providing company only.

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA), many businesses have to take the services of a shredding company.

Whether the organization comes to your office with their shredders or if they pick it up from your office in secure bins, a shredding service can be essential for your business.

But why is shredding documents so important for a business?

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4 Reasons Why Shredding Documents is Important for an Organization 1

Protection against fraud and malicious intent

When you are a business or an organization that has to store large amounts of data sets regarding the customers, your business might be more prone to data breaches.

Often, businesses hold sensitive customer information that might include their addresses, bank accounts, social security numbers, and other such things. It makes the organization more vulnerable to corporate espionage and even identity thefts.

So, digitizing the documents and shredding every bit of hard copy protects your organization from people with malicious intent.

It is mandated by the law

Suppose your organization possesses any kind of medical records such as dental, medical, bank account information, pay stubs, social security numbers, tax forms, and other such sensitive information. In that case, you must get the documents shredded.

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It is eco-friendly

Digitization of the documents is a crucial step for any organization.


Once you stop using the lengthy paper forms and move to digital forms on a centralized basis, it will be easier for the companies to handle, store, and manage the records.

Moreover, as a company, you would be using less paper than before.

Also, shredded paper can be recycled, and it is very convenient to recycle as well.

Reasons Why You Need Shredding Services

A money saver

Instead of buying shredders for the organization, you must consider opting for the services of a professional shredding company since it will help you save money.

Professional companies also have java industry-grade shredders to do the job much faster. You will not incur any cost on purchasing the shredder and maintaining it.

Improves security

It can help handle sensitive information which you do not want in the hands of the people. When you assign the task of shredding the documents to an employee, they might leak sensitive information on the documents.

Certified compliance

When you reap the benefits of a shredding service provider, they will give you a certificate stating the destruction of the documents. The certification is mandatory for HIPAA or FACTA compliance.


Many shredding companies offer on-site services, wherein they would come to your office with their equipment to shred your documents. You can also opt for a secure shredding location. Furthermore, they will bring proper shredding equipment to do the job in less time.

These are some benefits of hiring a professional shredding services provider to destroy all the organization’s sensitive documents.

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