How CRM Software Can Help Small Businesses

How CRM Software Can Help Small Businesses In Australia

It is a widely known fact that small businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy, with over ninety per cent of all establishments employing less than twenty people.

Invariably, a reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool can help these companies function more efficiently.

A dependable CRM software in Australia can help your business flourish quickly, allowing you to establish a solid and lasting bond with your customers.

It is an intuitive and potent device that has enabled local enterprises to grow by leaps and bounds, more so over the last decade.

Here’s a brief list of some incredible ways a CRM system can help your small or medium-sized business progress quickly and effectively.

How CRM Software Can Help Small Businesses

Multiple Features

Finance, iron ore mining, healthcare, and other most profitable industries in Australia can benefit vastly from an excellent CRM tool. About three-fourths of all Australian businesses look for a cloud-based CRM solution software, as it offers more features at a lesser cost.

For instance, a server-based system needs a capital investment that includes purchase and installation costs.

In contrast, a cloud-based one requires minimal investment, no delays in the startup, and a hassle-free monthly fee.

Similarly, cloud-based software has other advantages to help small Australian businesses multiply.

These include disaster recovery, contact management, sales forecasting, instant messaging between all employees, analytics, and more.

Since over 80% of Australian businesses need marketing and sales automation systems with these features, CRM software is highly recommended.


Small businesses have dominated the Australian economy for several decades now. Almost ninety-eight per cent of small enterprises employ nothing less than twenty folks, with the ideal number ranging typically from one to four.

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Companies like these often opt for mobile-friendly CRM systems, as it helps them manage their contacts, sales, leads, and other critical business aspects using their smartphones.

Personal services, information and media, and online retail services are some small businesses in Australia that benefit from this incredible feature.

They can access crucial information via mobiles and upload new leads so that the other employees can obtain them quickly.

Social Media Integration

Thousands of new small and medium businesses are established in Australia each year, with Victoria and New South Wales consistently experiencing a significant portion of this boom.

One of the ways that a reliable CRM software, Australia, can help these businesses is social media integration. Having a potent social media presence is a must for all Australian companies, regardless of their size.

A CRM can help them make the most of this by generating new leads, gathering intelligence on potential prospects, and more.

Once this critical data has been collected, the system matches it to the available information about customers, painting a clear overall picture.

This helps business owners use this actionable intel and chart their future steps with care.

Final words

Australian businesses spent approximately two billion dollars on real estate CRM systems in 2018 alone. Consequently, the revenue for CRM providers increased by a massive 19.4% compared to the previous year.

This data is proof that the demand for this incredible tool has been steadily increasing and is expected to keep growing.

In fact, health services, consumer goods retailing, property dealers, and other small businesses in Australia are increasingly investing in CRM systems currently.

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