Fastest Growing Jobs of Next 10 Years

12 Fastest Growing Jobs of Next 10 Years

Analysts predict global technologization trends for the following decade. Thus, IT, automation, and robotics will affect all areas of life. Along with the intensive development of IT and eco-design, the service sector will also get its boost.

The essence of medical experts’ and teachers’ work will change. Yet, these professions will remain on the market. There is a phrase of unknown origin that states that people will always study, eat, and get sick.

Thus, the specialties in these spheres have been, are, and will always be in high demand and these degrees will always be high on the list of high paying college degrees.

The pandemic has already contributed to the changes. It started the transition of education and entertainment into the virtual environment. This trend will continue in the future.

The job market changes constantly. Some occupations that used to be in demand five years ago appear unnecessary and low-paid today.

To avoid getting into the list of career-field outcasts, take a look at predictions from Skilhub and adjust your plans accordingly. 

So, here is the list of popular jobs that will remain so in the near future.

Fastest Growing Jobs of Next 10 Years
12 Fastest Growing Jobs of Next 10 Years 16


This expert deals with altering the properties of living organisms using the main principles of medicine and biology. One of the bright examples is biopharmacy.

It involves the development of advanced drugs and dietary supplements for therapeutic purposes. Also, bioengineers need to know bioinformatics – the creation of programs collecting and analysing data in biology.

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Genetic Engineer

The world market’s need for genetic engineering is growing rapidly. This sphere has a high demand for both – specialists in the human genome and hereditary diseases and those involved in the creation of new crops.

Food Technologist

Foodtech is one of the main current business trends. The development of new food products – artificial meat, dairy substitutes, gluten-free confectionery – is a direct consequence of the growing demand for healthy food and the increase in population.

Specialists in this area get a pretty high salary and can be sure that the job remains relevant for decades.

Robotic Engineer

Robotics specialists are involved in the design, software development, and maintenance of robots. As robots enter our everyday lives, specialists dealing with them will get more work to do.

There is already a division into areas: industrial robots, home, medical, gaming, and so on. It is a very promising position for those skilled in mechanics, electronics, and ML.


Experience in coding is a skill for which the world’s largest companies are willing to pay quite well. There is a real hunt for skilled programmers. In the next ten years, a great demand for mobile application developers for iOS and Android is expected by 2025. 

3D Printing Designer

Almost anything can be printed on 3D printers – from jewellery and artificial organs to residential buildings and uncrewed aircraft. With its help, designers create both prototypes and ready-to-use things. A skilled professional has to know both the field for which the object is created and 3D modelling. Low-level programming skills can also be useful to develop software for printers.

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AI Expert

Today, artificial intelligence is used to improve user experiences with programs and websites. A professional in neural networks uses machine learning as a primary instrument. With their help, AI learns to

  • recognize objects; 
  • give meaningful answers to questions; 
  • reach decisions that traditional computer algorithms cannot make.

AI technologies are already used in many business niches – from processing loan applications in banks and resume screening to voice assistants in GPS navigation systems. In the future, the demand for AI training specialists will only grow.

Internet-of-Things Development Engineer

Specialists in this area are engaged in software development, machine learning, and analysis of data obtained from various devices.

The Internet of Things enters all areas, even such unexpected ones as street lighting control systems. The improvement of control systems for smart homes, cities, roads, and uncrewed devices also belong to these specialists’ areas of expertise.

Big Data Analyst

They deal with analysis of big amounts of unstructured information to identify connections that are not obvious at first glance.

Based on the analysis, specialists in other spheres develop new substances and technologies and study behavioral patterns. It is better to use top cv writing services online for landing a fast-developing job. 

Logistics Expert

It’s a very interesting profession in high demand. It revolves around the organisation of the transportation of goods. A logistics specialist needs to come up with the cheapest way to deliver products.

The surge in online sales amid the outburst of pandemics also boosted demand for logistics professionals. The best career prospects await logistics experts in large retail chains and transport companies.

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Internet Marketing Manager

People spend most of their days on the web reading news, updating Instagram feeds, or chatting. Businesses have to recoup and deliver information through relevant channels. This demands an Internet marketing expert.

A professional in general marketing can get certified in digital marketing and switch to Internet platforms. The one who knows how to construct a sales funnel and build online communication with a client will always be in demand.

Internet Advertising Expert

While online marketing deals with the general idea, someone still has to set advertising campaigns. This is the thing online advertising specialists deal with. Having learned how to work with targeted, contextual, or any other advertising, one will always find work as a full-time or a freelance expert.

Change Is the Only Constant 

Technologies get into all areas of life. Current statistics suggest an increase in demand for technical specialists in the IT sphere. Population growth and eco-friendly lifestyle trends raise demand for bio- and genetic engineers. Some of the changes and trends are already quite visible. Some are yet to come into view.

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