Cricket Betting Tips

5 Best Free Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is a non-contact sport in the ball and bat family of games. It originated in the south of Britain in the 16th century. In less than 200 years, cricket has become a national sport.

The expansion of the British Empire helped the game expand well beyond the borders of the Foggy Albion. It has become very popular in India, Pakistan, Australia, and South Africa.

In 1900, the discipline was included in the Olympics for the first time but never again appeared in the Olympics.

Nine years later, the International Cricket Council emerged, bringing together just over 100 national federations.

But it never became part of the Olympics. Matches can last up to 5 days, making them unsuitable for the Olympics, which are on a very tight schedule. 

Most popular betting companies offer to bet on cricket. It is a team sport with difficult to understand rules of the game and is favored by bettors in England, India, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

There are many different championships and leagues, and every cricket competition has its own unique features and rules.

Matches are played all year round, so bettors have virtually unlimited betting opportunities.

Most legitimate betting companies accept cricket betting, offering an excellent spread of popular championships and leagues.

The best markets and odds can be found at Parimatch, 888sport, 4raBet, Melbet, 1win. When choosing a bookmaker, it is worth paying attention to the currencies offered for mutual settlements, initial deposit bonuses, deposit and withdrawal methods.

Cricket Betting Tips
5 Best Free Cricket Betting Tips 16

Main bets on cricket 

In the betting shops’ lines, the game is represented by a huge range of bets that include major and additional outcomes.

Exotic types of betting are available for the most prestigious tournaments and leagues. For instance, which team will win the toss. In this case, you have to choose the team that will kick the ball first.

  1. Basic outcome. In level 1 cricket the game can end in a draw. That is why bets are placed on P1 for the 1st team to win, P2 for the 2nd team to win, and X for a draw. In test matches, a draw is also possible, so the “Outcome” market also includes 3 variants. In all other cases, only a victory or a loss by one of the teams can be predicted
  2. Double chance. This betting option is only available for matches that can end in a draw. You may choose between three outcomes: 1X – the first team will not lose, 12 – there will be no draw, 2X – the second team will not lose.
  3. Totals. Bet on the number of injuries in the match. It is also possible to bet on the result within a certain period of the game, for example after 10 overs
  4. Asian Handicap. A prediction of a victory of one of the teams taking into account handicaps, which in turn can be nil, plus or minus.
  5. Odds on how many runs a team can score in a specific period of the match, e.g., first 10 overs
  6. Best bowler – to determine the best bowler of the game.
  7. Best Batsman. Similar bet as above, but on the batsman only.
  8. Winner of Tournament. Early bet on the eventual winner
  9. Draw. You must guess which team will be the striker
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The international bookmakers that have current cricket betting available today have additional deal options. These include all offers that do not make it into the bookmaker’s mainline.

Examples of additional bets include betting on lower or higher totals/forwards, even/odd scores.

Most of these bets can be called instinctive, as the prediction is made intuitively without taking into account additional factors. You can learn more about this at

Cricket betting features

When placing sports betting on cricket, you need to be aware that there are three formats of bouts in this discipline:

  1. Level 1 Cricket – long matches lasting at least 3-5 days. This format is common in Test matches and National Championships.
  2. One day matches – competition lasts no longer than 1 day, as it is limited to 40-50 overs.
  3. T20 – the most dynamic and spectacular game, lasting 3.5 hours.

When predicting the outcome of the game, there are dozens of factors to consider, from the duration of the match to the weather conditions.

And to make a winning bet, you need to watch closely the changing odds in play, the dynamics of the match. The longer the match lasts, the higher the chances of getting the right result.

Bettors should consider the following cricket betting tips:

  1. The result in one-day matches mainly depends on the technique and the skill of the players;
  2. In matches lasting up to 5 days, the outcome depends on the stamina of the teams;
  3. Cricket teams are in different physical condition at different times of the season;
  4. Long flights and travels affect the performance of the athletes. 
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Cricket betting tips 

Any little thing can affect the outcome of an event, so keep an eye out for important things like cricket team line-ups, weather conditions, fielding, etc. before the match.

Professional forecasters use different strategies in betting. To increase one’s chances of winning, the bettor should consider 5 key factors:

  1. The result of the draw. The team that attacks first almost always has the advantage. It runs the attack with a new ball, and it is easier for the batsman to hit it in a clean and unswept area of the pitch
  2. Type of cover on the pitch. The surface can be either earthen or turf. The acceleration of the ball after hitting the field of play depends on it. For example, in Cape Town, the playing surface is “slow”, while in Perth it is “fast”.
  3. Duration of the match. In first-tier cricket, live betting is particularly valuable. For better information and more accurate predictions you need to consider pitch and ball wear and tear, athlete performance, weather conditions
  4. Air humidity. At high arenas the air is rarefied and low-humidity, which affects the ball’s speed. Such arenas are favored by bowlers who try to spin the ball as hard as possible.
  5. The condition of the players. The productivity of players on both teams, their composition, and their ability to adapt to new weather conditions and play on unfamiliar pitches should be taken into account.

Cricket betting strategies 

Betting against a draw in test matches

This strategy is suitable for the classic “long” Test matches. A draw is very common there, as the teams simply don’t have time to finish the inning. Recently, however, the number of X’s has been dropping.

For example, take Antoni De Mello’s famous Test series (India vs England). The teams have played 60 matches in all time, of which 27 ended in a draw.

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However, in the last 13 matches of the series, there has been a draw only twice. The number of draws in Test matches has been dropping steadily:

  1. In the 80s, about 45% of Test matches ended in a draw;
  2. In the 90s, about 35%;
  3. In the last 10 years, about 27%.

We suggest betting against a draw-in encounter where there is not a giant gap in the odds. For example, the same India-England series or Australia-India series. The optimal odds are 1.27-1.40.

Betting on the underdog in play after flipping a coin

The outcome of a cricket match depends a lot not only on skill and weather conditions but also on the flip of a coin.

The team that flips the coin first has a big advantage. At the 2019 One-Day Cricket World Cup, for example, the “batting” side won 65% of the time. A strategy for betting on cricket in play after a flip is as follows:

  1. Find a match with relatively tight odds. The odds on the underdog are no higher than 4.0;
  2. Wait for the flip of a coin;
  3. If the underdog is the first to kick, bet on it.

Betting strategy on the best batsman in cricket

Here we suggest a fairly standard “Dutch” strategy based on our cricket betting tips. You need to select 3-4 players who are most likely to be the best batsman.

And place bets on them, the amount of which guarantees the highest profit regardless of the outcome. You can bet on either the best slugger in the team or the best in the match.

Our recommendation is to play matches where there is a clear, but not overwhelming favorite to win.

Play the best player of the favorite, the best player of the underdog, and 1 or 2 other players of the favorite. Optimally, none of the odds should be higher than 2.0.

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