Trends in Mobile App Development

8 Trends in Mobile App Development

The Google app store has already presented more than 5 million programs, so the static demand for them is quite expected.

Moreover, in connection with the emergence of new trends in the development of mobile applications, a sharp increase in consumer demand is expected.

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New trends in mobile apps are focused on increasing consumer engagement, improving perception, and attracting new customers.

Therefore, trends are designed with cutting-edge technology, massive amounts of data, and analytics in mind to create the user experience. Today, mobile app design services are very relevant and in demand.

In 2022, 8 dominant trends are capable of completely changing the landscape of mobile app development:

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This technology has been in operation for some time. And most tech companies are already adopting 5G technology. It allows you to offer your customers an improved sample experience. 2022 will make this technology the new industry standard.

The novelty and improvement encourage developers to use 5G technology to increase the bandwidth thousands of times that of 4G.

Another advantage of 5G is that it minimizes latency over previous technologies. This will reduce interruptions and provide a smoother connection.

Augmented reality (AR)

Several industry leaders are already using this technology. But augmented reality has an interesting advantage for merchants. Recent trends in mobile apps are using AR to offer users a personalized experience.

Sellers have a more fun way to showcase their products and services. Buyers can determine if a particular product is right for them before making a purchase. All in all, AR offerings are a win-win for both merchants and consumers. If necessary, you can always use web design and development services.

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Using the blockchain

Users of various applications are always confused about their security and data misuse. Blockchain can solve these problems by providing decentralized information bases.

The applications supported by the blockchain have end-to-end encryption, so no company or third party has access to personal information and cannot change it. The security of digital transactions and the ability to exchange confidential data will ensure the blockchain, therefore, the future belongs to it.


Such technology as AI is already widely used in the functionality of smartphones, in particular, face recognition menus are impossible without it. The popularity of AI and ML will only increase in 2022.

With their help, users will be able to offer location functions, the best gaming experience, and the creation of advanced software.

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Low code applications

Previously, even creating a simple application required the developer to write long code. However, modern development services save developers time and resources.

The year 2022 will be marked by the massive use of frameworks in the development of programs with low codes.

This will provide a user-friendly and intuitive program interface. It is predicted that such easier work for developers will increase the number of software innovations by 2022.

Portable devices

The development of portable mobile applications will also increase in 2022. Wearable devices are equipped with a user-friendly interface, comfortable to wear, and deal with personalized data.

They have been operating for a dozen years, but the peak of their popularity fell during the period of the coronavirus pandemic.

These devices have a lot to offer users: from tracking heart rate and counting steps, to recommendations for a healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

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Contactless interface

Mobile application sensors have outlived their usefulness. Now both developers and users want some kind of novelty that does not require a lot of effort.

Therefore, developers will now focus on developing a voice or gesture-controlled interface. Such an interface will be a breakthrough for the elderly and those with disabilities.

Forecasting models

In 2022, virtually every developer will include analytics predictive models in their applications. These models use existing customer information and offer insight into what the person likes and dislikes, and what they buy.

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