4 Things Telecom Providers Should Know about Cybersecurity

With technology being at the forefront of most businesses, never has it been more important to look after your cyber security.

From looking into your email security and seeing how downtime can affect your revenue to the effects of mobile phones, below we look into four things telecom providers should know about cybersecurity. 

Your Email Security Is Very Important 

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An area that is often overlooked but shouldn’t, is your email security. On a day-to-day basis, hackers will target companies emails as they see this as a weak spot. Often these security breaches will come in the form of a phishing email.

A phishing email is sent to try to gather important information about your company and is done by malware being installed onto your network without you knowing. When receiving emails, it’s important you look out for spam emails by confirming they are legitimate.

Never download anything that you don’t trust and always check the sender’s emails address, that the information with the email is spelt correctly and that sensitive information is not requested. 

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Downtime Can Effect Your Business Substantially 

A key area to looking after your cybersecurity is to make sure you don’t have any downtime on your business.

If a cyber attack is to occur and is successful, this can cause your systems to go down. Depending on the size of your business, this can affect your revenue hugely as whilst your system is down you are no longer able to operate.

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Understanding the true cost of IT downtime, outages and Failures

If you rely on sales of a product, for example, you no longer will be able to sell that product until the system is back up and running, affecting the amount of money you are bringing in.

A telecommunications network security system will be able to look after your security and reduce the number of cyber attacks you have on your company. 

Employee negligence can compromise network security

It is important to train your staff on cyber security. Many companies do not train their staff on cyber security, which has led to successful attacks due to staff member’s negligence.

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You don’t need an in-depth program, but it’s useful to teach your employees the basics to stop simple attacks. These basics could be teaching them to use a secure wi-fi network, regularly changing their password, making sure their anti-virus is on, and that they update their laptop’s software regularly 

Mobile phones can cause security breaches

The serious security vulnerabilities of mobile devices

With technology constantly evolving, more and more companies rely on their staff members to use mobile phones and tablets at work and out of the office. Whilst these are a great tool to have, it’s important to be aware they pose a certain cyber security risk if not properly monitored.

Without putting the correct procedures in place, mobile phones can become a target for hackers and thieves, as they contain sensitive information about your company. 

Is there anything that you would like to add to the points above?

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