Top 8 Game Development Trends 1

Top 8 Game Development Trends

If we are talking about trends in the gaming industry today, then it is worth starting with the pandemic and how it affected the development of computer and mobile games.

It received a new round of development. For a while, esports and streaming have become the main pastimes of many young people.

This is understandable, because such leisure activities as going to the cinema or to the football stadium have been canceled. It was needed to follow virtual entertainment.

At the same time, the advertising market is also changing. A lot of companies began to let their money into the games industry, not paying attention to show business and sports.

It was this field of activity that generated millions of views, collecting people from all over the world on the screens of computers and smartphones.

The gaming industry has brought people together.

From that moment on, they began to actively create game trends and tendencies. Everyone who is somehow connected with this area needs to pay attention to them.

Top gaming trends

Top 8 Game Development Trends 2
Top 8 Game Development Trends 16

The trends in the world of games that are relevant at the moment were formed at the end of 2020 and, according to experts, will successfully move into 2021. Let’s take a look at the 8 main gaming trends today:

Increased in-game integrations

Not so long ago, the promotion of a new product was based on standard types of advertising based on tournaments and other types of competitions.

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Today, everything has changed, and the developers are trying to collaborate with other brands. Game collaborations emerge, which are perceived positively by users and become successful.

Such integrations provide a large coverage of the target audience and access to advertising.

An example would be the game Death Stranding, in which the main character, drinking a can of a magic drink called “Monster Energy”, becomes strong and resilient.

On the first day of the game’s release to the global market, the revenues of the company producing this drink grew by 8%. In one of the most popular games today “FIFA21” new sets of clothes of the football club “Inter” were presented.

Esports and high fashion

Another integration is perhaps the most unusual one today. The clothes of the world’s fashion houses are used in esports games.

Even more: fashion houses have begun to develop their own esports direction. Another prime example is the use of Gucci outfits in the Tennis Slash game.

Mass car sponsorship

A couple of years ago, cars were almost never used in esports. They were met exclusively in racing simulators. The first car company to support esports in Russia is Toyota.

This has already become widespread. Many automotive brands have seen the potential in this gaming industry and are doing their part.

Products based on the plots of popular games. To date, compared with the beginning of 2020, the sphere of creating children’s games based on popular computer and mobile products has grown by more than 245%.


The variety of brands in the games market today amazes users. If earlier bookmakers and manufacturers of gaming products invested in the gaming industry, today they are companies that create clothes, shoes, even wristwatches.

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Integration into content

Music brands, film industries and YouTube developers actively collaborate with game brands.


This trend is becoming very popular and allows gamers to make money on their favorite entertainment.

New marketing tools

Virtual and augmented reality is attracting the attention of an increasing number of gamers and spectators.

GAME DESIGN TRENDS has also changed for 2021, offering active gamers many interesting solutions.

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