How Much Does it Cost to Create 3D Models in Ukraine 1

How Much Does it Cost to Create 3D Models in Ukraine

The development of 3d-models is the process of creating accurate virtual copies of objects. 3d product modeling services are very popular not only in Kiev and Ukraine but around the world.

This is due to the fact that the development of 3d-models – the first step to creating a new real object.

The cost of 3d modeling depends on factors such as:

  • the quality of input data;
  • the complexity of the object modeling;
  • the number of modeling objects;
  • terms of the project.

The price of 3d-modeling on average in Ukraine is from 700 UAH. The time frame for project implementation is from 2-3 days.

Approximate prices for 3d modeling and visualization:

Creating 3d models of simple goods, objects – the cost from 1700 UAH

3D modeling of houses, flats – cost from 10000 UAH (about 300 UAH per 1 sq.m.)

Modeling of historical buildings based on drawings or photographs – the cost from 10000 UAH 

Modeling of construction objects based on your drawings – the cost from 10000 UAH

Creation 3d models of humans and animals – the cost from 20000 UAH

Creation 3d model of a human or animal with the beam and prepare it for animation – from 30000 UAH.

A separate stage of 3D modeling is visualization or rendering. When the object is ready, it is necessary to set the camera at a specific point and make a rendering.

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If you have ordered a static render, you will receive several files in jpg format, free of charge, they are included in the cost of modeling.

If you want to get a video file with your object so you can view it from all sides, make a camera traverse or panorama, it will be a video, then to the cost of modeling need to add the cost of visualization, for example, 1-minute video can cost 17 000-33 000 UAH.

If you want to make a full commercial or presentation based on 3D technology, the cost of modeling and 3D modeler should be added to the cost of the director, writer, and video editor, and voice of your movie voice. Usually, the cost of such works is 33 000 UAH per 1 minute of the finished video.

Types of 3D modeling

3d modeling services by description

3d-model by description is usually created when the object does not exist, or it needs to be simulated with the introduction of adjustments. Then created the most detailed description of the future object, taking into account all the wishes of the customer and the requirements for quality and functionality.

Custom 3d models based on photos

It is much easier and quicker to make 3d models from a photo than from a description. The minimum required input is three photos in the best possible quality (top, front and side views).

3d modeling from a drawing

3d-modeling by drawing is the most accurate way of 3d-modeling. As the drawing contains all the necessary data on dimensions and design.

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Application of 3d modeling

1 – Serial or piece production of products. Any method of manufacturing products requires the presence of its exact virtual copy, ie 3d-model.

2 – Advertising and marketing. In advertising, quite often replace the photos of objects 3d-modeling and visualization. So the objects look brighter and more attractive. In addition, it is possible to add any details, make animation, etc.

3 – Computer games and movies. With 3d models created characters of films and games, as well as details of the universe.

4 – Medicine. Services 3d modeling is used for the design of prostheses, body parts, etc.

5 – Other areas where 3d modeling is required: science, training, interior design, construction, etc.

The price of a 3D model is formed not only by the complexity of the shape and dimensions of the final product but also by a number of other parameters, which can be estimated correctly by a competent specialist with sufficient experience in modeling in production. 

The help in preparing the terms of reference is free of charge, specialists will help you choose the right direction, references, and concepts, create a correct description of the task or idea.

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