4 Different Types of POS Systems and How to Choose the Best

If you have a small business, you need a Point of Sale (POS) system to manage your business transactions. A POS system consists of the hardware and software tools that facilitate a sale.

For instance, when a customer pays for a haircut in your salon. However, this example only tells the front side of the system.

A POS system includes other things going on behind the scenes.

For instance, a POS can track changes in your inventory, helping you make business decisions. Read on to discover the different types of POS systems and how to choose the best for your needs.

4 Different Types of POS Systems and How to Choose the Best 1
4 Different Types of POS Systems and How to Choose the Best 16

Types of POS

There are several types of POS devices, including smartphones, tablets, mobile POS, computers, and terminals. Each type has features catering to different business types. Here is a broad view of the different types of POS.

On-site Terminal

This includes installing software on a server located in your business premises. The POS system may look like a computer or touchscreen monitor. You can also have a single terminal or multi-terminal setup.

Cloud-based Terminal

This option is similar to the on-site, but they take advantage of the internet and cloud-based storage. Instead of having a local server, you install the software for a cloud-based POS system in your company’s remote data center.

The terminal is connected to the internet, but your employees cannot use it as a personal computer.

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Mobile POS

This system uses mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. However, you will need other hardware like a card reader and receipt printer. Currently, you can also use email receipts.

Self-service Kiosk

This system facilitates the self-checkout process and is popular among big-box stores and restaurants.

Self-service allows customers to check themselves out, enabling companies to benefit from greater efficiency and cost-saving. Whether this system is ideal for you depends on your type and size of business.

Choosing the Best POS System

Here are some considerations to consider when choosing the best POS system for your needs.

Internal Research

Do internal research and identify the needs of your business. This will clarify what you need, making your search easier. Look at your existing shortcomings, hardware, software, and budget.

Determine the Features and Offerings

Have a clear idea of what you want in a POS. Some features include the checkout process, ease of entering or scanning products, speed, customer experience, and support.

Multi-channel capabilities

If you sell through several channels like eCommerce stores, social media, or online marketplace, you may need a POS to manage your sales from one place.


Select a POS that can integrate your current apps and software like your accounting software, payment processor, eCommerce, and CRM.


Always go for a POS that can keep your business’s and customers’ data safe. Ensure that all solutions that they offer are updated and compliant with all laws and regulations. Also, ask about the type of data the POS Company collects and what they do with that information.

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These tips will help you narrow down your search and get the best POS for your business. If you are in the food truck business, this link will help you determine which POS system fits you.

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