How to Check Your Instagram History

There are occasions when it’s challenging to track your search history on Instagram.

Typically, the search history is a catalog section that provides easy access to your previous searches. You can quickly find your searches through it. It’s more beneficial when you have a social media app or a social network.

This way, you can quickly log on to the applications to survey your search history. It’s because it’s a bit difficult to recall the searches you’ve made and what piece of information or profile pages you’ve accessed in the past.

If you use Instagram regularly, you probably must have performed more than a hundred searches for profile pages, places, and popular videos. Your previous searches remain intact if you do not clear them—search history work in this manner.

As you may or may not know, you can access Instagram on desktop computers. But its user interface is not as accessible as its mobile counterpart. It doesn’t provide all the tools available on handheld devices and tablets.

So in this case, our focal point is how to track your search history with Instagram’s Android form. However, we will delve into its desktop version in special circumstances.  

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What Instagram Search History is

It’s a bit challenging to define Instagram search history. Of course, you can only achieve that by citing an example. For instance, say you search for a brand. Then you scanned through their profile with or without taking an action. You neither follow the account nor leave a message.

After a while, you may check the profile again. How will you achieve that?  

You either insert the same profile name in the search box or you will view the search history?

We know, right?

In some cases, the profile name may have escaped your mind. Or you can’t view the same brand or person again due to technical issues.

This is where the Instagram browsing history comes into play. It’s more like a last resort.

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So it follows that the list of searches that you had made using the Instagram search box is what is called the Instagram search history.

How do you Delete Instagram Search History?

Instagram users from assignment help online affirm that there are circumstances that will spur you to declutter your browser history every once in a while.

Perhaps, you want to eliminate shreds of evidence that may incite curiosity from third parties about your marital status. In this case, you need to figure out how to delete Instagram search history.

Instagram monitors your previous searches and it influences how they create suggestions for you.

For instance, they may look into the kind of people or brands you follow,  what you participate in, or content that might catch your fancy.

This tool can generate helpful search suggestions and introduce you to people that you want to follow. However, it can also produce irrelevant suggestions.

For instance, you search for snail videos on a particular day, and then they appear in your feed every single day.  

If you are often reminded of content that you’ve explored a long time ago, it will help to figure out a way to delete your Instagram search history.

However, it’s important to note that the deletion of your previous search activities does not occur immediately.

Plus, the recommended accounts or contents may not be influenced by your previous search history. Research has it that the hashtags you’ve explored, posts you have liked and many others can also impact them.

The point is that deleting your searches does not mean that whatever you’ve deleted won’t ever appear again. But they will disappear over time.

Now let’s look at how to delete your Instagram browsing history and browsing suggestions.

Delete Instagram Browsing History on Your Phone

If you desire to delete your Instagram browsing history on your mobile phone, it will help to visit your profile first. This way, you can click on the menu button in the upper right corner of your profile.

After this, you should choose the “Settings” and “Security” sections. The two options will lead you to where you can delete the search history.

As soon as you do that, you will be able to view the list of individuals or brands that you’ve searched in the past. It will give you the option to select what to delete or the entire browsing history.

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How to Check Your Instagram History 20

Delete Instagram Browsing History on Your Desktop

Deleting Instagram browsing history on your desktop is a piece of cake. All you need to do to get started is to tap the “Settings” section. Of course, it looks like a cogwheel.

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After this, you can tap the “Privacy & Security” area. It will help to look at the account data in the process.

Then, you should click on the “Search History” and view all your  Instagram browsing history. It will give you the option to delete them.

Delete Instagram Search Suggestions via Phone

If you dislike seeing the suggestions that Instagram carves out for you, you can always delete them.

All you need to do is to tap the “x” in the right corner of your profile name. Typically,  the symbol appears when these suggestions show on your search webpage.

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How do you Check Deleted Insta Search History?

Some Instagram users suggest that once you’ve deleted the search history, you simply cannot undo them. But that’s not true. You can view your deleted history.

Do you happen to know?

Plus, we have already stated earlier that Instagram saves subscriber history automatically. Now the question is where you can see it and how you can see it.

So let’s look at the following steps to locate deleted Instagram search history.

  • Start the Insta app and visit the “Settings” section.
  • Click on the “Security” section under the “Settings” icon.
  • Tap “Access data” and view the “Security and Data” section.
  • Scan through the page to look out for the “Account Activity” section.
  • It will help to check the search history option via the “Account Activity” section.
  • Tap the “View all” section. This way, you can view your most recent activities as well as previous activities on Instagram.

How Do You Locate Username Change History on Instagram?

Instagram gives you the luxury to figure out whether a particular user has changed his/her username. Let’s look at how to unveil the old profile names of an Instagram account.

  • Scroll to your Instagram profile page.
  • Click on the “three-dot” icon on the upper right.
  • Choose “About this account” from the toolbar.
  • Click on the “former usernames” section. The next page will lead you to where you can assess the username change history.

How do you Locate/Check your Insta Search History?

Compared to other social media platforms, Instagram does not have a specific page for search history. Instagram enthusiasts from college paper help affirm that once you’ve logged in, Instagram will display your previous search history in the course of a recent search.

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In any case, some users may find it difficult to locate their previous search history.

Now, let’s figure out how to track the search history on Instagram with the following procedure.

FIRST STEP: Open Instagram App

Fetch your handheld device and open the Instagram app. You can open it by touching its icon.

The app will open and lead you to its homepage. The homepage comprises photos and other posts from the accounts you’re following.

SECOND STEP: Check Search and Explore Section

Now that you have opened your Instagram app, it will help to click on the “Search & Explore” section. It’s at the foot of the homepage.

In this regard, you will be able to view a large spectrum of popular images. It will also allow you to search and find stimulating accounts to follow. Overall, it will allow you to find out what the Instagram community can bring to the table.

THIRD STEP: Click on the Search Bar

You will find the search bar at the top of the “Search & Explore” section. It comes with a magnifying glass and text. It will help to click on the search bar to fixate the cursor. This is one of the ways that you can perform a few searches on Instagram.

However, images will disappear and previous search history will appear once you click on the Search bar.

FINAL STEP: Switch between Search Types

Maybe you don’t know; the search section typically displays four sections: Tags, Top, People, and Places. Users can quickly choose any of these sections to locate their recent searches.

However, you need to click on the “People” section to locate people that you’ve previously explored. In the same breath, you need to click on the “tags” section to track the hashtags that you’ve previously explored.

Locating your previous search history on Instagram is that easy.


Your previous history is part of your journey.

Whether you are a brand or an individual, you need a tale and people like to see how you have progressed. Instagram browsing history or search history is beneficial for assessing your previous activities.

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