Best Online Business Resilience Approaches

3 Best Online Business Resilience Approaches To Follow

American small and medium enterprise (SME) needs a wake-up call when it comes to digital privacy and security.

CNBC research shows that the majority of small businesses are unconcerned when it comes to the prospect of a hacking attempt, and this goes hand in hand with poor digital hygiene standards.

SMEs operating in the digital sphere need to take a proactive approach to compliance and security – especially given that the process can be simple and easily sustained.

3 Best Online Business Resilience Approaches To Follow 1

Archiving method

The first step in a properly secured digital presence is archiving. Just as an old-school business would keep its books in diligent fashion, so too should digital businesses.

This mode of digital preservation offers two advantages. The first concerns compliance. Having your records in one place allows you to follow the Bloomberg formula for managing your data – retain, review and supervise.

Secondly, it can give you an easily-accessed archive to help build insights and grow your business in the future, such as from past transactions.

Meeting the rules

There are numerous data protection and compliance rules placed upon businesses, from the range of US laws that make up the web of American protections, to agreements like the EUs GDPR framework.

This can be difficult to navigate, but there’s an opportunity to do it by looking at your peers; how do other websites in your circle of business operate to meet these requirements?

You can also look to third parties to help you build and maintain tools like cookie policies.

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Building cybersecurity

All of the hard work you undertake to retain and manage your data can be undermined in a single cyber attack. Preventing cyber attack is not only a business priority but a regulatory one, too.

The NCSL have highlighted the increasing role of legislation in ensuring the proper protection of websites in a range of different key industries.

Cyberattacks can completely level a business, whether through the theft of data or through the destruction of that businesses’ reputation against competitors and within its field.

You can easily maintain your own cybersecurity efforts through good quality software and due diligence.

Underpinning all of these principles is the need to have good internet hygiene. Be careful where you place your data, and keep track of who has access to it.

You are within your rights to revoke data access to anyone, at any time, and should wield that right as much as you need to to stay safe.

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