5 Best Ways To Boost Remote Employees Motivation

A remote team can be beneficial for the worker and the business, but the key to its success is the worker’s motivation. Motivation is what fuels productivity; without it, everything becomes uncertain.

Since remote work is a fairly new work environment for many, you will need new tactics to keep workers motivated.

Remote work environments have been around for decades, but the pandemic thrust it upon a lot of people. Most were unprepared while dealing with the anxieties and grief of the pandemic.

Over time, it will take a toll on any employee.

Even in a regular workplace, employees can experience a lack of motivation and decreasing productivity. In that environment, you found ways to perk your employees up.

In a remote setting, you will need to do the same. There are several ways you can energize the team.

5 Best Ways To Boost Remote Employees Motivation 1
5 Best Ways To Boost Remote Employees Motivation 16

Address Their Concerns

Remote work can get lonesome. Workers are separated and not seeing each other, and this can form a detachment among coworkers. Teams need to feel like part of a community or culture.

The first step is to address their concerns and ask for feedback. It helps to create communication channels where workers can express themselves without judgment. You can:

  • Hold weekly or monthly one-on-one meetings with employees. It is an opportunity to review projects, performance and find out how people are feeling. The communication must be two-way, regular, and frank. It is vital for building trust; eventually, the employee will feel secure and connected.
  • You can also gather feedback using anonymous polls. Anonymous polls can be more amiable to employees as they can give feedback without fear of retribution or anxiety about explaining their response.
  • Create focus groups and forums. They will encourage ideas and discussions in a virtual work environment. Workers will be able to share insights or discuss company policy, and the engagement will keep them connected to the company.
  • Organize away days and workshops. These can take place in a safe environment and allow employees to meet each other and mingle. Technology is great at connecting people, but it can’t replace the physical interaction and socialization that humans crave.
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Offer Necessary Resources

Although an employee may not be on your premises, that doesn’t mean they don’t need your support. Remote staff need resources to get things done. Something to consider is providing mental health support for workers.

Poor mental health can lead to physical health problems like sleep deprivation, high blood pressure, and ulcers.

Additionally, other employees will lose productivity trying to comfort an employee going through mental health issues. You would instead provide off days if an employee is going through mental issues and provide counseling services.

An employee’s inability to solve common problems can also affect productivity.

In the office, they have the company’s resources and other staff to help them with any issue, yet they may need similar assistance when they work remotely.

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Remember that email, a good internet connection, video conferencing tools, project management tools, time tracking tools, remote communication tools, a direct messaging platform, and a way to share and download will be central to work.

These digital tools are essential and also require a working laptop. A common issue in productivity is often computer repairs and every employee will need access to a professional to solve their computer problems.

A simple solution is to let employees ​​search ‘Macbook repair near me’ to find services in their area.

Recognize Achievements

When you introduce a scorecard, people’s behavior changes; they perform harder and enjoy watching their progress. So if you want to motivate remote staff, reward achievements and introduce rewards.

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Employees will feel seen and part of a team when their performance is recognized. It also encourages them to maintain or even surpass their stellar performance.

Allow Room for Growth

If you want top talent, which performs well, you need to offer growth opportunities. Growth can be in the form of wealth, skills, career, and personal objectives.

Compensation is what every employee needs from a job, so you should provide an adequate package.

The employee will also need to feel a challenge in the work and an opportunity to learn new things. Work will occupy a large part of an employee’s life, so it will be a waste if they can’t have new life experiences or growth.

Employees need to see a future for the company and their place in it. Without the prospect of development, that future will be bleak in their eyes.

Motivate to Activate

Remote working is a different, sometimes new, environment that your workers need to perform in. Without sufficient motivation, morale will fall along with productivity.

So ensure that your remote employees feel connected to you, have adequate resources, are recognized for their efforts, and feel like they can grow with you to retain top performers.

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