3 Best Tools for Starting a Blog For New Bloggers

A blog is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and ideas with others or even to establish a profitable business, but it can be a tough start as the competition is fierce. It might be necessary with some help and luckily different tools can assist you when starting a blog.

Standing out can be difficult as it is a competitive field. There are many types of blogs on almost every topic that exists.

No matter what theme or field your blog deals with, some tools could be helpful to you when you start a blog. This article provides a list of some of these tools, and each tool is helpful in its area.    

A name generator

When you have decided on your topic, one of the first things to consider is the name of your blog. Even if it might only be a few letters it is an important part of your blog’s ability to be a success.

A name can be crucial, so it is a good idea to put some thought into it before deciding on it.

A great tool to provide you with some inputs is an online name generator like It can be good to get some other ideas than your own and this site will provide you with such. It generates names based on words you type in.

These should be words that you want people to connect with your blog or words that describe the content of your blog. This way you will get names that fit into the universe you are trying to create.  

3 Best Tools for Starting a Blog For New Bloggers 1

A good web host

It is important to have a good web host when starting a blog. It should work impeccably and have an intuitive design so it is easy for your followers to use and navigate.

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Some free web hosts are easy to use, but WordPress is the most popular one and with good reason. WordPress has an intuitive design and it is easy to set up. You can set up a comment option so your readers can interact with you, which is quite an important feature in a blog.

If you need inspiration, you can find different WordPress themes to build up your blog.    

Importance of social media

Last but not least you need to use social media as a tool. This should be a top priority as social media is where you are most likely to attract readers and users. Your blog should have a clear presence on both Instagram and Facebook which you should use to establish an online presence.

This is an important factor especially if you are on a tight budget as it is free to create promotions through these channels. And social media is one of the best free tools to start an entrepreneurial business.

Use your social media accounts to create awareness by posting pictures and updates on your blog and your whereabouts. With social media, you can create a more intimate connection with your readers if you share a bit of yourself.


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