Best Cloud Hosting for Startups

10 Best Cloud Hosting for Startups

Shortlisting a Cloud Hosting for your startup is not easy from the list of Best Cloud Hosting for Startups. Considering the fact that businesses are always looking to cut their IT infrastructure cost & spend it somewhere else necessary.

The year 2020 has been dampening for the markets, but IT has shown its resilience & agility with the help of cloud platforms.

As offices & workplaces operate remotely, it is vital to have the resources in place at the correct time. The importance of cloud platforms has been experienced when most of the work is happening online.

Select the cloud hosting platform that promises minimal downtime and easy hosting of all business apps & resources.

The growth of cloud platforms is imminent as startups look to minimize waste of funds & instill the right kind of security in the system.

Recent studies suggest that the public cloud has grown by an estimate of 6.4% in 2020 and 18% in 2021.

The hiccups in the market and the scramble to move everything to the cloud have come to a halt after the easing of restrictions. Startups are now looking to adapt to the technology from the start and thus manage the varied hosting needs of the business.

It is high time businesses transfer their resources to the cloud and start their flawless journey in the post-pandemic world. As the world is gearing up again to attain new heights, companies must adapt to new technologies.

Cloud is providing the right kind of support that startups need initially to get things going. The selection of a cloud hosting provider becomes crucial in the entire scenario to keep the business operations & servers performing all the time.

You need the help of experts to use cloud platforms collaboratively & thus comes the role of the experienced cloud service provider.

The guest post highlights the top 10 cloud hosting providers for startups in 2021.

Best Cloud Hosting for Startups
Best Cloud Hosting for Startups

All kinds of startups can enjoy the benefits of cloud computing and use the technology for revolutionizing business methods. Collaborating with different files is easy now with the help of relevant cloud hosting solutions.

Employees can now work remotely, and businesses are assured of data safety on the cloud. Limit the access to vital business files on the cloud with limiting access of employees.

There are many features of migrating to the cloud, and you only need a trusted partner to assist the operations.


Sagenext is one of the reliable cloud hosting service providers in the United States & other regions. The company was founded in 2009, and since then, it has attained market space through its dedicated hosting services.

It is the service provider delivering hosting services to SMBs & accounting professionals in a proven way. Host all kinds of accounting tools or other software with Sagenext and get 24/7 assistance from its support team to manage the hosting needs.

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The hosting prices are minimal with Sagenext and thus inspiring the small business owners to adapt to the technology.

Sagenext is the profound QuickBooks hosting provider and also supports hosting of other accounting tools like Drake Tax Software Hosting, UltraTax CS Hosting, Lacerte Hosting, ProSeries Tax Software Hosting, & TaxWise Hosting. Control the financial needs of your business by adapting to tools that support the proper management of business accounts.


The enterprises prefer the Kamatera cloud servers for varied programming activities & specifications. They are hosted in the cloud environment, enabling companies to scale up their operations as appropriate while still being cost-effective compared to traditional server solutions.

The service provider has multiple data centers worldwide and is mainly located in Hong Kong, London, New York, Israel, Amsterdam, and others.

The personalized solutions provided by Kamatera Cloud Servers are meant to suit the organization’s needs & expectations. It has a history of 20 years in the market and 14 different data centers across 4 continents.

The sudden rise in popularity of the cloud server is attributed to the specific added value like reasonable pricing VM, superb scalability, versatile server configuration & payment alternatives, and outstanding efficiency.

It is the kind of cloud service provider that is gaining momentum over time, and more SMBs are looking to hire remote servers from experts.

Microsoft Azure

It is one of the renowned cloud hosting options provided by Microsoft. Azure is providing a wide variety of products like SQL, IIS, Exchange Server, and more.

The Public Cloud Computing platform is at the heart of the tool, and the solutions can be used safely for services like storage, networking, analytics, SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Technology as a Service) and more. The platform is fast & scalable and thus proves to be the most effective public cloud on the market with its capabilities.

Microsoft Azure is used via an international network to maintain business tools. The cloud infrastructure is supporting a variety of diverse OS systems, frames, tools, & libraries.

You must not overlook the importance of DNS management in Azure.

The hosting service’s free trial ensures that the businesses can experience the functionalities first-hand before renting it. Microsoft has a trusted customer base, and thus the demand for Microsoft Azure cloud solutions is growing with each passing day.


Vultr is a top-rated cloud hosting provider in the region & with all the relevant cloud computing features required for business needs.

It has 14 data centers across the globe and is known for providing a structured high-performing cloud environment.

Organizations are getting smarter with the passing time, and Vultr promises the cloud hosting assistance required for resource maintenance. It also delivers a wide footprint of reliable cloud SSD servers.

The aim is to develop an effective & secured service for starting a fast SSD cloud server.

Vultr has the architecture best suited for start-up companies and also addresses their concerns. Businesses relying on cloud technology can now access data safely and with minimum downtime of the accounts.

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The software provides dedicated storage of the SSD block & the APIs ensure maintenance of the specific hosting site. It provides higher scalability and ensures the increased availability of load balancers.

Digital Ocean

The cloud hosting platforms are meant to secure the business tools & software. DigitalOcean is the hosting provider that guarantees instant access to sites for streamlining operations.

The cloud computing solution is easily accessible, simple to set up, and rich in content. The renowned cloud hosting system provider is ensuring specific services that include DNS management & cloud VPS.

The hosting plan of DigitalOcean is the primary factor behind its popularity & growth. The low-cost & top-performing virtual machines grow with the company to simplify the job of startups.

All businesses need some assistance to manage their operations, and relying on cloud tools is the best decision.

DigitalOcean is a hosting platform that offers a cheap entry-level scheme, and it takes few steps to manage the web servers. The cloud hosting platforms aim for usability, and the measurement instances provide no faith in customer hosting.

The hosting provider has multiple data centers across varied locations, and it ensures DNS administration.


AWS was launched in 2006, and slowly it has acquired significant stakes in the market! The data centers are located across 20 varied locations worldwide, and they ensure the total protection of the business’s IT infrastructure.

It delivers all the latest functionalities that you aspire from a top-rated cloud hosting platform. Migrate to the hosting platform easily and protect the business interests at an accessible cost.

AWS offers a wide variety of items to fit the market needs like DNS, firewalls, load balancing, & virtual private cloud. Take the help of experts to set up the account and achieve flat rates with the hosting service.

If you’re looking for strength for the startup venture, then AWS cloud hosting is the best option. It is also regarded as the safest & secure cloud service provider with varied infrastructure services like networking, processing of resources & database access.

Businesses can host static sites with AWS and develop complicated applications through the services. AWS is providing the ability to archive a large volume of data at straightforward prices.


It serves different kinds of apps & tools with Linux-controlled virtual devices. Linode was introduced in 2003 and soon became a reliable partner of 800,000 global clients from 190+ states.

The hosting service gained a short name in reducing latency and improving UX. It supports all kinds of functionalities desired from a modern-day hosting platform.

Start-ups look for a bottomless wallet and strategic knowledge to reap the cloud benefits. The service providers are supporting businesses in all possible ways to enhance their operations.

It would help if you always had reliable technical support to manage hosting services, and Linode is excellent with 24/7 service.

It has around 11 different data centers with tremendous versatility in its operations & capacity.

The cloud hosting platform has one-click programs for WordPress, Drupal, & Gitlab. Linode offers other VPS hosting options and a tailor-made kit to fulfill the company’s needs.

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Liquid Web Managed Cloud

Liquid Web Managed Cloud is referred to among the top cloud providers in the developed world. The hosting prices vary, and most are suited to the start-up company’s needs.

The cloud VPS solutions provided by the company are similar to a personal server, except it is stored in a cloud.

Businesses looking for flawless operations can select Liquid Web Managed Cloud to attain more scalability. Host the apps & website on the cloud, and the organization provides cloud-based dedicated servers for hosting.

Startups can make use of low-end hosting plans to operate 5 virtual servers on the same cloud.


It is also a renowned hosting platform suited to the needs of small businesses and startups. The main focus of the hosting company is to make DevOps easy with a developer-centric platform.

It has features like maximum storage for enhanced performance, custom OS images to meet the security standards, automation using robust API, and private networks between the data centers.

UpCloud is the most preferred cloud hosting platform to build a business from the start! It is perfect for creating an ideal cloud platform that addresses multiple business needs.

The cloud hosting platform is unique in supporting infrastructure creation using relevant code. UpCloud is the dream tool of modern startups looking to rely less on IT hardware & storage.

It supports the majority of the infrastructure as an IaC framework like Ansible, Packer, & LibCloud. Startups are using the cloud platform to achieve their targets and gain pace in the market.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud platform is one of the most widely trusted & preferred cloud platforms. It is providing over 90 information services to provide flexibility & efficiency for organizations. Cloud computing platforms are allowed to coexist remotely in data centers.

Businesses can view and use the apt resources from the web interfaces. It is the first preference for different industries serious about latency in creating performance-oriented apps.

The popular cloud hosting platform ensures that businesses can keep track of their daily operations.

The Google Cloud Platform uses data centres’ resources like virtual machines, hard drives, computers, & more. The infrastructure is mainly an automated computed framework to be used by developers for live data. Hosting rates of Google Cloud are very much affordable for startups looking for some assistance.

Final Thoughts

All the above-mentioned cloud hosting providers have made a reputation out of reliable services. Businesses or startups can contact the hosting provider with relevant tools to support the industry.

Compare the different price plans of the hosting providers to trim down on a final one! Set your goals ahead of time and plan for the future to gain a competitive edge.

Move to the cloud and ensure remote access of the business files & accounts safely. It is essential first to understand the usage and then the services provided by each cloud service provider. Consult with your IT team to make a wise decision on a cloud hosting provider.

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