How to Optimize for Near me Searches

Users searching online for local services is now more in trend than ever before. That’s why as marketer you must be thinking this question, How to optimize for near me searches?

In the past two years, “Near me” searches have witnessed exponential growth i.e There has been 200% growth for phrases like “now” + “near me“. For example “stores open near me now“.

However, along with that, Digital directories have become one of the most significant ways of doing business after the coronavirus pandemic. Every emerging tech comes with new and more demanding challenges.

The competition has become quite intense online, and attracting more customers is desired by every business entity.

Along with many other approaches, SEO is one of the most innovative methods to help you achieve your goals. Search engine optimization depends on unique keywords.

When a customer searches one of these keywords, the search engine shows your page at the top.

Below you can find a list of tips that can help you out with how to optimize for near me searches. 

It is highly recommended not to act solo because it requires in-depth knowledge of the whole process. Act like a savvy business person and hire a reliable SEO company to optimize your page. 

How to optimize for near me searches

Start with detailed business analysis.

Research provides the base for improvement for everything, and an online business isn’t any different. It would be best if you found the facts about your business before you can take it to the next level.

There are always good and bad things simultaneously present on an existing page, and that’s where professionals can help you out. The experts might recommend you register your business on CityLocalPro because it is an excellent local business directory.

Selecting a local guide is a smart move to improve your business performance in the local market. 

A detailed analysis together with an expert will be very beneficial to achieve your long-term strategic goals. The experts analyze your business and then devise an improvement plan. It may include generating quality content and various performance tweaks on your page. 

Update your Google business page

If you truly want to grab all the neighborhood customers, you must work on your Google business page. The best way to get more customers is to make it easy to find you. For that, the experts recommend updating the business contact information. Most commonly, the contact number, directions, and address are the top concerns.

However, you should focus on other data as well. The better you can guide your customers, the beneficial it is for you. The studies suggest that contact information plays a vital role in increasing the market share.

Updating the contact information of a business is also essential because bad words travel fast. If one customer was unable to find relevant information on your page, then it’ll probably affect other customers as well. So, make sure you always add the correct information on the page, and while you are at it, choose the keywords wisely.

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Add schema to your page

The studies recommend structuring your data correctly to increase the readability of your page. This is an effective way of communicating with all search engines. That’s why adding accurate and relevant schema is the best way to optimize your page for local SEO.

It also increases your chance to show up in quick answers in organic searches. When you add a schema that matches your data, a search engine can easily read it, and it helps it optimizing its processing.

This way, your page shows up in the most relevant searches. 

A well-structured schema in the given scenario can be your trump card. When a user searches for services “near me” and you offer that kind of service, then your page will be at the top of the list.

However, it is a complicated process, and hiring an experienced team of professionals is recommended. 

Add driving directions on the page.

It may sound like a very trivial thing, but it works like magic because when you optimize the page, it only helps your customers. Your objective is to facilitate the customers so they can find you with ease. That’s why don’t be rigid to the small changes because sometimes even a minor detail can do wonders.

Your target should be a perfect scenario in which when a customer adds your location; he must reach you without hassle. The more you optimize, the better your chances are to show up in the coveted local-3 pack section of Google’s search engine result pages or SERP. 

Adding even the minor detail about your location is an also ethical move that often impresses the customer. However, an extreme level of optimizing can’t be obtained without the help of an expert. That’s why make sure you have the best technical support at your disposal. 

Make your page mobile-friendly

Ever since the tech giants have placed the minicomputer in their hands, very few use a PC when they have it in their hands. Some people might even call the smartphone addiction because it engages the owners continuously around the clock. That’s why your site must be optimized to perform perfectly on mobile.

The studies suggest that a user waits for merely three seconds so the page can open; if it doesn’t, then he moves to another site. Make sure that your pages are fully optimized so you can avoid losing visitors. 

Your page should not only be mobile-friendly, but it must load faster. The speed matters a lot, and it takes more than a common understanding of the web scripts. This is the only way to catch the wandering customers searching for something “near me.” 

Test the strategy and check the results

When optimizing the page and applying tweaks, you are using the tweaks to your strategy. So, the ideal way to make sure that your plan is working fine is to test it and modify it for the targeted results.

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The trickiest phase is the keywords selection, and simply including “near me” can bring you some encouraging results. A strategy doesn’t become successful overnight; it is a way to win over your competition, and it takes time.

That’s why when you feel that your strategy is not performing up to the mark, it must be improved with the help of an expert. 

Many people think that they can enter into a particular set of searches just if they add “near me,” but the reality is quite different.

Because optimizing searches with the keyword “near me” isn’t that simple, and it must be done with the help of an expert.

Push for positive reviews across different websites

According to a survey, about 84% of online users trust customer reviews and ranking. That’s why this section has to be appropriately managed. There can be thousands of similar businesses, but a few would be leading and making continuous progress.

Do you wonder why it is that?

It is because they are doing something different from the rest of the businesses. If you truly want to optimize the search with the keyword “near me,” then you shouldn’t leave a doubt in the mind of potential customers. The more positive impact your business can create, the better will be your ranking, and It’ll bring you even new customers. 

Usually, this part of the SEO is handled by a specialist because turning a negative comment or review in your favor is an art. So, make sure the people you are working with are fully capable of handling this section. 

Add landmarks, neighborhoods, and places in the content

Did you ever lose your way?

How do you make someone understand the way to a place that doesn’t know the territory?

The most straightforward answer is to use the landmarks and the areas nearby. You’d be surprised to know how effective it can be to bring your customers to you. There are always businesses bigger than yours or at least famous than yours, and they can be used to find your place.

That’s right; it is quite a unique strategy to optimize the search results with the keyword “near me.” It might seem like you are talking about other places, but in reality, you are guiding your customers to find you. 

Using landmarks or neighborhoods to find addresses is a method used by local transportation. Now with the help of technology, you can use it to your advantage. After that, every time your customer sees a similar landmark, it’ll remind him of you. So, indirectly you are moving towards making him your loyal customer.

Optimizing searches with “near me” isn’t an easy task because it is a unique way of attracting and bringing customers to you. People who are not experts with the keywords and don’t understand their impact on the public can’t use them effectively.

Many people also comment that adding “near me” isn’t an effective way to grab attention. You must understand that not every keyword can attract all of the targeted population of customers.

Maybe a synonym can do the trick for you; that’s why it must be left with the experts. There are many companies out there that offer SEO services and can help you improve your ranking. The selection of an expert is a critical matter, and the best way to do it is to avoid hasty decisions. 

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