10 Best Gifts for Employees Under $50

Are you searching for unique best gifts for employees under $50?

Not to worry, because companies design swag bags, twitch merch, and corporate gifts by maintaining the highest quality.

Besides quality lower costs is always a preference for employers. Because of this, they make merch that is of good quality and lower cost.

Promotional companies such as SwagUp and provide bulk discounts for designing twitch merch of businesses.

Various products made of cheap plastic goods such as water bottles, glass products such as mugs and shields, and metal products such as key chains can be given to the employees.

This list contains:

  • employee gifts for remote workers
  • employee gifts for Christmas
  • employee work anniversary gifts
  • employee thank you gifts
  • employee birthday gifts
  • employee retirement gifts
  • employee onboarding gifts

All these products can be designed for under $50.

The swag box may contain drinkables, key chains, mobile covers, apparel, wearables, or power banks which may be designed under $50.

Following are the best gifts for employees that can be designed for under $50.

best gifts for employees

Sustainable gifts

Sustainable gifts cover the category of recyclable products which is the need of the hour. These gifts include reusable products made of raw materials that help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The products do not have any harmful dies, chemicals, and bleaches. Custom-made twitch merch with specific insignia can be used as sustainable gifts such as mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, and books.

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All these products can be developed for under $50. These gifts also showcase the company’s services as well as its love for the earth.


Fleece hoodies, t-shirts, caps, and mufflers are frequently used to promote a business by simply placing a company’s logo on them.

It has been noted that a good quality hoodie or t-shirt can be easily produced for under $50.

Employers use clothes for giveaways and brand marketing because it is cost-effective.

Appreciation Shields

Personalized shields can be easily be customized as a corporate gift and play an active role in enhancing employee’s attention at work.

Companies can also give personalized steel or wooden shields to their experienced workers as a token of appreciation. The shields contain important information such as name and designation which is placed on the employee’s desk.

These shields can also be designed for under $50.

These shields are often given as corporate gifts to thank workers for their perseverance and loyalty towards the business.

Wallets and bags

Organizations can provide customized bags, totes, and wallets as personalized gifts to the employees because they can be produced on a lower budget.

They can be added to the company’s swag bag.

The name and designations of the employees can be imprinted on wallets which increases the influence of the company.

Swag bag

Corporate swag bags serve a dual function because the products inside the baskets are usually imprinted with the company’s logo which helps in promotional activities.

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The logos can be engraved on coffee jars, mugs, water bottles, decorations, colorful straws, wall clocks, and stationery which can be easily produced on a lower budget.


Employees can also be given good-quality mugs that can be produced under the budget of $50 & considered as one of the best gift ideas for employees on a budget.

Mugs seem to be a useful yet chic gift for employees. The mugs can be customized according to color and pattern preferences.

Name and designation can also be imprinted on the mugs. Coffee mugs are considered an important corporate gift and a significant part of swag bags. People also use them as twitch merch.

Perfumes and Flowers

Good quality perfumes and flowers do not cost much. Giving flowers and perfumes is a vintage way to express love, devotion, and care on various occasions.

Company swags are also designed to have contents that promote love and affection for their employees. Swag bags may contain flowers, perfumes, or snacks to increase morale, love, and attention for their work.

Gourmet Meals and Chocolates

Fancy food is a way to please everyone. Employers usually give chocolates, as well as corporate dinners and lunches as an employee gift.

Gourmet meals, snacks, and chocolates are also added to the swag bags which costs lower than $50.

Personalized Masks

Giving masks as a personalized gift is the best company’s swag idea because of increased virus transmission.

Because of its excess use companies are designing their custom-built masks with the company’s logo along with employee’s names.

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These masks also cost lower. Workers are allowed to wear them in office and off-hours which helps to gain brand recognition.

Masks have become an important part of the company’s swag bags and corporate gifts. 

Diaries and Handwritten Notes

Diaries are an important and common part of the company’s swag bags.

These products are often customized for the workers to influence them and are given away to the employees as well as the potential customers and co-workers.

Diaries help employees to note important events, proposals, and upcoming projects which boosts their morale and attention.

In addition to this, personalized handwritten notes for accomplishing some special tasks can serve to thank employee’s loyalty and hard work for the company. Both of them cost lower as an employer.

Corporate gifts, twitch merch, and swag bags magnify productivity in the workplace.

In addition to this personalized promotional products increase brand recognition and help your product to reach a large audience.

Employers can thank their workers by giving anniversary gifts, welcome gifts, or corporate gifts which amplify attention and love for work.

Therefore, employers should use accurate strategies to reduce the cost and enhance the quality of twitch merch.

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