features for ecommerce sites

7 Innovative Features For E-Commerce Websites Should Try

An e-commerce business is all about its website because that’s where you display your products and sell them. Having a good-looking and fully functional one gives you a good start.

But the domain is highly competitive, and a run-of-the-mill website is not enough to impress the visitors. You need extraordinary features to make an impact, or they will move to another seller.

After all, online buyers have endless options offering similar products at comparable prices today.

More than products, it is the experience that sells.

Here are some innovative features you can add to your e-commerce website to take it a notch higher.

features for ecommerce sites
features for ecommerce sites

High-quality photos

When potential buyers explore your online store, they expect to see high-quality images. These can affect buying decisions because customers cannot see and experience the products physically.

It is best to hire a professional for photography to get impactful product images. Don’t confine quality to product photos only.

Ensure that every visual on your site is appealing, whether about brand story, people, or anything else.

Compelling videos

Like images, videos do their bit to sell your brand and products, so you cannot miss out on them.

Product videos enable a more lifelike shopping experience, while brand stories drive trust and credibility.

You can repurpose them for social media promotions.

Overall, any video adds an element of interest to your e-commerce store. Invest in professional videography because quality is non-negotiable.

3D visualization

Excellent imagery and videos make a great first impression on potential buyers, but they are only a start.

You can go the extra mile with user experience by integrating a 3d configurator into your web store. It enables the visitors to customize products with real-time 3D visualization.

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Engaging and interactive 3D renderings can pump up your sales without doing much, as customers can literally view the products the way they want.  

Live chat

If your website doesn’t have the Live Chat feature, you must implement it sooner rather than later.

Buyers expect excellent customer services and instant gratification, and this feature covers you on both fronts. It can power up conversions by offering product recommendations to the customers.

You can also use it to cross-sell and upsell in addition to providing customer support.

Integrating a chatbot takes the feature to the next level because it facilitates round-the-clock availability.

Reviews and testimonials

When it comes to adding trust and credibility to your brand, reviews and testimonials do the trick.

Potential buyers are more likely to trust the word-of-mouth recommendations of real people rather than fall for promotional gimmicks.

These pieces of user-generated content cost only a fraction but add immense value to your brand.

Request and incentivize customers to share reviews and showcase them prominently on your site.

You will see the conversions climbing in no time.

Apart from implementing these high-end features, you must make sure that your website excels with the basics.

Great content and simple navigation are essential. Speed and responsiveness are equally important.

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A ‘Related Items’ feature on an e-commerce site creates the desirable stickiness effect that so many marketers strive to achieve.

When an online seller uses the related items feature to sell more, it’s actually signaling to the buyer that “they get me.”

Related items can also include similar product categories to comparison shops, “people who bought this item also searched for”, and so on.

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Advanced Payment Options

In order to operate a fully functional ecommerce website, you need to be able to accept payments from your customers.

There is no way around this. Your entire business revolves around getting paid.

Some good options are; Paypal, Payoneer, 2Checkout, etc. You need to have these options in place that will be appealing to all of your customers.

The idea is to create a perfect mix of basic functionalities with innovative features to deliver an exceptional shopping experience.

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