What Does “TLDR” Mean, and How Do You Use It?

On the internet, many terms are used that are difficult to understand because they are written in short forms. Newbies cannot understand them because they are not familiar with them.

These types of conditions can be found while answering any question, on forum websites, and sometimes in the comments section of a general website. Now, what are they, and how can you tackle this issue when you face it.

Well, they are TLDRs.

What Does “TLDR” Mean, and How Do You Use It? 1

In simple words, TLDR is an acronym that stands for “Too Long Didn’t Read.”. It is used to outnumber the words in any sentence.

You may have noticed these on several occasions. For example, if you explore any questions and answers websites, there you may have seen the phrase “Kindly reply to me asap.”.

So this “ASAP” is a TLDR because it reduces the length of a particular term.

Several other terms are used on numerous occasions, but some of them are difficult to identify.

These days, social media have made the TLDR term disappear in several cases because TLDR terms are used a lot on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

There was a time when nobody was familiar with these terms, but children are also familiar with them these days.

At Tech Blog Corner, we’ve mentioned what TLDR is, but how and when to use them is the main question. We will discuss everything on our website, so be ready.

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How To Find an Appropriate Place To Use TLDR? 

I’ve seen many people on social networks and emails using TLDR where they don’t have to. Below are the 5 places where you must never use these TLDR.

Never Use It With Any Person Whom You Talked For The First Time

What Does “TLDR” Mean, and How Do You Use It? 3
What Does “TLDR” Mean, and How Do You Use It? 8

That’s the biggest mistake every person makes. Using TLDR with any person you talked to for the first time is inappropriate because you don’t know whether the person is familiar with TLDR or not.

If he is aware, what if he doesn’t like these short terms? What will you do then?

This thing is considered wrong in front of many people. So you must avoid using these short terms while communicating with any person for the first time.

Otherwise, that person will get distracted from you, and you will fail in your objective.

While Making a Serious Conversation Like Business Deals

Using TLDR while doing business deals is not appropriate. Let’s say you are talking to any real estate buyer or any PC components dealer by email. If you are offering some high-quality leads to that real estate buyer, then what will you say?

“I provide LG services”?

What if the buyer doesn’t know what LG is? Then what will you do?

Indeed, the buyer will be distracted, and you’ll face difficulties in persuading him.

But when will you say the complete sentence:

“I provide Lead Generation Services.”

Then that buyer will understand what you’ve said, and if he is interested in getting some quality leads, he will work with you.

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Never Take Initiate To Use It

What Does “TLDR” Mean, and How Do You Use It? 5

Always use these terms when somebody has already used them. Suppose if you are interacting with any person and he is familiar with TLDR terms. If he uses these terms while answering you, it would fit for you to use them.

Let’s say you want to buy a laptop for yourself. If you visit an online store and email the guy, he will answer you. If he uses that term in his answers, it is appropriate for you to use them.

If I want to buy the best laptop for dolphin emulator, I’ll use this term when I got a green signal from the seller. After getting green calls, using these terms is fair, otherwise not.

While Writing The Ebooks

I’ve seen many EBOOKs where TLDR words are published, but most authors haven’t elaborated the term. Because of this activity, your reader might be discouraged from reading further. Authors must elaborate the words in brackets when they are publishing any book offline.

Authors who write and publish EBOOKS online must document this in brackets or on the right corner of the page. In this way, your reader will not be discouraged from reading the EBOOKS.

You will found several EBOOKS to read on A TO Z APK. That is the best website that provides Android Apps.

For your Android phone, you will find several books on that website. So make sure to visit it when you are in search of EBOOK.

Never Use it When You Feel Uncomfortable

I’ve mentioned the 4 critical stages where you should never use these TLDR terms. The last place where I can never stop any person is his comfort zone.

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You sit with people, do business meetings and sometimes you meet your friends and family members. But never use these terms when you don’t feel appropriate.

If you are using these terms in front of your best friend, you will not face any problem. Although it sounds rude, friends bear your rudeness. So that’s the last place I wanted to mention. Now it is up to you.


So that was what TLDR is and how you can use it. If you have any TLDR questions, drop a comment in our website’s comments section.

I am repeating this, TLDR is considered to be a rude form. So you must avoid using it.

But if you want to use it, I’ve mentioned the appropriate sources for fair use. I hope you’ve got the hint.

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