How to Create Instagram Reels to Get More Views

How to Create Instagram Reels to Get More Views 1

As of 2020, over 200 million videos and photos are posted to the platform each day, and above 250 million active users on Instagram visits at least a business page every day.

In simple words, there is massive traffic and noise on Instagram.

And now, Instagram reels are the primary spot on the platform where many users effectively use it to gain more reach. 

So, here are the 12 essential elements to ensure while creating engaging reels on Instagram and two bonus tips at the end.

Let’s jump in.

How to Create Instagram Reels to Get More Views 3
How to Create Instagram Reels to Get More Views 14

Inspire Creation

Like TikTok, Instagram wants its viewers to see reels and need to replicate them to their profile. The primary key here is to make something that others could recreate through incorporating their creativity. 

Share Original Content

How to Create Instagram Reels to Get More Views 5

Bring your content more unique with a consistent theme and format that every audience could recognize you.

For instance, if you’re beginning your reel with some texts and questions and then answering your question visually and attractively.

Then, keep on moving with the same pattern while creating your every reel video content. It helps your audience to recognize your content more easily.

Keep It Easy

Being less is very high. Film reels using your mobile device and make effects in the reels camera section. It also ties with inspiring creativity, and if you bring something too high, it is not simple to replicate. 

Make It Relatable & Relevant

How to Create Instagram Reels to Get More Views 7

Every viewer needs to get themselves in your post and relate to it. Make a try to add something that is “of the moment” to your Instagram reels.

Perhaps you need to make content around a specific day of a week, a particular time in a year, or a moment(from politics to sounds to games and more).

A significant thing here is that you could bring trending music to your Instagram reel or add songs relevant to the post you are creating. 

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Bring Viewers Quicky

As of massive content, it is hard to get your viewers instantly to your content. Instagram reels bring it easier via effects and texts.

A popular user on the platform films reels with texts when asking a question so that many audiences pull in to watch the entire video content to get the result. You must cover everyone with the first three seconds of your reel.

Share a Story

Telling stories is necessary to every marketing strategy, and it needs to take care of every piece of content.

A popular reel user on the platform tells a generation gap story between us and our previous generation through utilizing various angles and outfits. 

Bring a Fun Twist Or Surprise

Twists and surprises become necessary to storytelling on TikTok, and the same thing goes for Instagram reels.

A reel video content went viral on the platform recently as it was simple, informative, brings a story via music and text, and has a massive twist or surprise in the end.

The music used in this video content helps the story well. Bringing twists and wonders in the reels is necessary to get your audience to watch the entire reel content.

Utilize Hashtags In Your Reel Videos

How to Create Instagram Reels to Get More Views 9

Like Instagram posts, you need to provide the platform about your video content(utilizing the description part). The Instagram algorithm checks the description area of every uploading content to know what the video is about.

If you are new to reels posting your first video, then the Instagram algorithm checks your profile to classify your video contents.

To provide the hashtags in your bio section that perfectly suit you, your brand, and the contents you will post regularly. 

Hashtags are the primary key and prettiest thing on the platform to reach more target audiences through your content.

And the same way, you want to pick the right trending hashtag or produce your hashtag that’s relevant to your brand. It helps in bringing more audience to your content or allows the audience to recognize your content easily.

Film Reels Elsewhere And Post

There are many online apps to create reel videos outside the platform. You could film video content and clip the video to the shortest version using the online app.

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Instagram allows you to film reel videos within the platform and save it in the drafted mode. But it’s more buggy if you worked with the draft mode.

For instance, you can select a “Cover Image” for your reel on Instagram, save the reel video in a draft mode, and then upload the reel video; you will find that you missed the cover image you have selected previously.

And also, there is no way to change or edit a cover image once the reel video is live. It brings an annoying glitch and makes you frustrated.

Developing your reel videos in other available apps and then uploading them to Instagram when you are ready helps publish your reel video with everything you have worked with.

Instagram Insights For Reels

How to Create Instagram Reels to Get More Views 11

You have a solid block on the platform; you want to have a business profile that provides Instagram Insights – the analytic dashboard of the Instagram platform.

For a standard story or a post, you could get profile visits, interactions, website clicks, and follows you gained as your content result. Reels feature on Instagram doesn’t have these metrics yet.

You could get the reels tab manually on your account to get metrics like likes, comments, and views you gained from a video content you uploaded there.

However, still, you don’t have any options to monitor the average views, excited audience counts, or sharing counts.

Now, you could get the “Shares” for your reels videos from the previous 24 hours by clicking the three dots placed with your reels feature on the platform.

This exclusive option won’t appear when there are no shares.

Bring Your Audience To Interact

If you uploaded a reel video content at the wrong time of a day and didn’t get the expected engagements, then share your reel video to your story section containing the text, “Watch my new reel,” “Would you heart this reel?”, etc.

It brings more audience to your reel videos within a day, and if your audience likes your reel, ask them to share it with their circles.

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It’s the perfect tip to reach your reels to a massive audience.

Make Use Of Your First Reel

Utilize your first reel content on Instagram because it tends to receive more views and engagements. It is terrible, and the reel gains more views than the Instagram algorithm does with a regular post normally. 

Through providing high engagements to your first reel, Instagram hooks you with continuing the feature.

So bring your first reel more attractively, thus it gains more organic engagements with the algorithm helping engagements to your reel.

Bonus Tips As Promised

The following points are the bonus tips as said earlier:

  • I suggest you always upload to your Instagram feed and the reels section to grow your massive reach. If your reel video contents interfered with the planned grid, you could always share the reel content with your grid and archive it later. Then, remove the reel from the grid, keeping the reel on the reel part.
  • If you need to repost your content on TikTok to Instagram, don’t use the saved video content from TikTok because it contains the TikTok watermark. The Instagram algorithm hates the TikTok watermark. There are many tools online for free to download TikTok video content without the watermark.


Begin by taking out your mobile phone, thinking out of a story or scene, filming it, and uploading. Don’t overthink or go deep with the effects and edits if you are beginning to use reels on the platform.

After gaining more knowledge about the reel feature, connect it with your marketing strategy and add every element it provides into your reel contents.

The best content creator chooses the exact style that works well for them. Analyze various techniques to get what brings the best for your audience to stay in your profile or content.

As Instagram reels expand its features, there will be many ways to interact and engage your fans. Get experiments, be creative, and have fun.

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