How to Use Website Color Psychology for Killer UI Design

UI color schemes only dare to attract when they are made through intelligent and clever combinations. Colour has the capability that dares to draw attention effectively.

Either it is website designing or UI designs, every color has a different psyche, even in designs.

Blue is the most significant color for designers. Almost 62% to 90% of websites and UI designs are based on the color psyche.

The second favorable colors in designs are brown, orange, and purple. They are used in navigational components such as sliders, slider tags, icons, and search bar.  

Red and green indicate the information components on websites and designs, such as errors, tooltips, progress bar, inboxes, and notifications.

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The subtle art to go for your designs’ most creative and appealing colors is known first as their core psychology.

Yellow brings up the creativity and happiness level and most eye-catching color; still, it is the minor favorite color in designs.

Just look at McDonald’s. The more you swim down in color psychology, the more your UI color schemes will shine out in a digital world.

What Is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior. And color psychology has become a popular area of color theory that assigns emotional and psychological connotations between colors and emotions.

However, Color psychology is also widely used in marketing and branding. We will answer these questions “Why is color such a powerful force in our lives?” and “What effects can it have on our bodies and minds?” with the help of this post.

How to Use Website Color Psychology for Killer UI Design 9

Shoot Out Your Audience with Colours

After the most triggering feel of Black and Red, some colors attract the opposite genders most in life, apparel, and designs.

  • The most attractive colors for women are Blue, Purple, and Green. Loreal used purple in their websites and UI design to attract the women community.
  • According to psychology, orange, brown, and grey are the colors women hate the most.
  • The most appealing colors for the men are Blue, Green, and Black. Facebook, Twitter, and Shazam went for blue to augment their client base.
  • According to psychology, brown, orange, and purple are the colors men don’t like.
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How To Rule the Colour Scheme?

The most creative and intelligent method to determine the UI color schemes for designs is to use the basic 12-step color wheel.

How to Use Website Color Psychology for Killer UI Design 1
How to Use Website Color Psychology for Killer UI Design 10

Designers always choose the colors located 120 degrees away in the opposite direction for their website backgrounds and UI Interfaces and themes.

Let’s Dive into Two-Colour Combination for UI Design

UI designers never exceed their color combination of more than 4 colors. It is undemanding to grab attention and reduce daunting factors in designs. 

Two colors designed conquered all the digital premises with their attractive combinations ranging from websites to UI interfaces.

The contrasting shades are more popular and dare to catch the eyeballs.

You are here to acknowledge the most creative favorite two-color combinations.

● Yellow and Blue: High-Spirited & Reliable

Yellow is the hub of Hope, Happiness, and Importance. It dares to grab the attention forcefully and set a passionate feel. Yellow can create CTA’s and indications to attract eyes.

Still blue is the favorite color for designers as it is a soothing and responsible feel. Blue represents Layouts and themes in the UI designs as more reliable and trustworthy.

Mailchimp and Yellow Pages UI designs revolve around Yellow and Visa, and Facebook’s Interfaces revolves around Blue.

● Black and Orange: Power & Energy

Black is not a color; it’s an emotion that attracts everyone. It reveals the mystery and elegant feel and looks good with orange.

Orange defines hope, joy, and success. It is the most famous color combination among designers who create UI designs for mobile apps or websites. Fanta and Mont Black have chosen this color combination for their brands.

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● Navy and Orange: Loyalty & Optimistic

The navy blue color represents power and authority, and orange represents excitement and vitality.

UI designs look great with this color combination as it dares to attract viewers. and Twitter are famous brands and decided to invincible UI interface challenges.

Pro tip:

Designers can decrease their brightness and increase the saturation in dark color shades. Also, they can increase the brightness and oppositely decrease the saturation.

Let’s Dive into Tri-Colour Combination for UI Design

Famous companies always choose creative colors in UI design to uplift their marketing strategy.

Three color combinations are complicated to choose for UI designs; still, they can create a fantastic interface to nurture the creative appearance.

QuickSprout reveals that more than 90% of product assessments refer to color combinations. 

UI designers sometimes intertwine with a large color combination to make their UI designs more alluring and breathtaking.

We have jotted down the fascinating tri-color UI color scheme combinations for your UI designs.

● Brown, Beige, Dark Brown: Simplicity and Dependability

The above color combination is best for UI designs as they feel so calm and secure. Suppose your brand fosters the food field so that it could be the best choice.

The color combination is savvy enough to create attractive text boxes, search bars, radio buttons. It helps to produce the most incredible and simple UI designs and interfaces shortly.

● Green, Blue, Yellow: Idealism & Stability

This combination contains blue and orange as the most vital colors; however, green color adds freshness to the UI designs. Sliders, tags, and icons look good in this combination.

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Brand of shoes and apparel could utilize this tri-color combination. The color combination is entertaining, youthful, and eye-catching, especially for UI designs.

● Red, Yellow, Blue: Passion and Creativity

Red is the symbol of strength and power.

Besides that, the color combinations represent creativity with serenity. Progress bars, icons, and modal windows feel decent to undergo this combination.

The brand representing the creative art and sporty vibes can do wonders in their sale-pace by making their UI designs undergo this amazing combination.

Extra Facts:

Countless color combination websites can help you hunt for more creative and outstanding color combinations for your UI designs, such as Coolers, Colordrop, and Colorhunt. 


It is a fact that colors have dominated the entire world, including the digital one. Whether it is anything ranging from websites to UI designs, UI color scheme plays a vital role.

Colors represent the brand’s personalities, voices, and tones. It is also a significant element in UI designs to highlight your brand’s digital appearance smartly.

UI designs always demand the coolest and trendy color combinations that attract humans dominantly and generate organic leads and traffic to raise the brand’s digital appearance.

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