How To Improve Employee Retention with Personalised Recruitment Strategies

Are you facing the challenge of finding new hires who will commit to your business?

Your recruitment strategies may be the root of the problem.

Your business’ recruitment strategies determine the strong base on which your business stands.

Without a strong, stable team of employees, your business productivity won’t reach its potential.

If your hiring methods are flawed, you may continue to receive new hires who don’t suit your business values and aren’t as qualified as you need.

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When you have a job opening, your recruiters may have crafted a detailed job posting with all the necessary information to draw candidates, but their filtering system could be flawed.

If they rely solely on automation, your options for new hires may simply include people who wrote the applicable keywords in their resume or the schooling they’ve received.

While this helps save your recruiters or yourself time from pursuing thousands of resumes, it could be omitting valuable candidates from the chance to be considered.

Rushed and biased recruitment strategies are a dominating issue. If recruiters don’t take the time to focus their search or approach their search with your business needs at the forefront of their priorities, you will be stuck in this revolving door cycle where either you or your new hires decide the role is not suitable for them.

This is consuming your time and resources. In fact, high employee turnover could be costing your business thousands of dollars annually.


The monetary and indirect costs include training, paused processes, delayed product or service output, reduced staff engagement, and more turnover.

To exit this cycle, you need to revise your hiring process.

You need to refocus your recruitment strategies so your new hires will dedicate their hard work to your business, and you’ll be happy to keep them on board. Here’s how you can reshape your hiring process:

Evaluate Your Business Values and Culture

When refreshing your recruitment approach, you need to look within first. Ask yourself these questions to guide your search and help applicants learn about your company:

  • What makes your business successful?
  • What does your business have to offer for new hires?
  • What is your office culture (still applicable if your team works remotely)

These are essential questions that will help you define what your business is about and the values that drive it forward. You could draw more suitable applicants who align with your values and office culture.

Often, companies overlook the importance of compatibility when hiring someone new. If your business relies heavily on staff innovation, a person who doesn’t carry passion may not be a strong fit.

If your atmosphere is friendly and involves team collaboration, an independent worker will likely leave within a short time of starting their role.

A clear vision of your company culture will offer more criteria to use to measure your applicants.

You can learn about your applicant’s attitudes and priorities through their cover letters, interviews, or by checking their reference. Your employees’ character matters because it will influence whether they mesh with your business.

You’ll manage to build a strong, cohesive staff who will stay loyal to the company you lead.

Consider Essential Hard Skills in Your Recruitment Strategies

To ensure you earn qualified applicants for your job opening, you need to be clear about the job-related skills they must have. In the IT industry mainly, companies face an overwhelming struggle if their recruitment strategies are weak.

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This field requires people who are trained or experienced in tech processes. The issue is that recruiters will often fail to assess whether they possess any technical knowledge as long as they’re included in the resume.

They may often become more distracted with selling their pool of potential hires for the wrong reasons that won’t benefit your business.

In IT, telecom, digital, and business management fields, you need employees with technical skills so they can effectively get the job done. You’ll experience more success with your new hires. They’ll contribute to your business productivity rather than take away from it.

Look for Soft Skills In Your New Hires

While technical skills in a person will contribute to your company’s success, they also need to have soft skills to integrate into your workplace.

While your recruiters may be focused on finding employees with job-focused skills for your business, they could be overlooking soft skills that would give some candidates the extra edge over others.

Soft skills are the missing piece that could help you focus your hiring process.

By selecting soft skills deemed necessary for the job role being filled, you can look for people who have the emotional intelligence to thrive with your business. Some valuable soft skills that apply to most workplaces include:

  • Communication and listening
  • Team collaboration
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Adaptability

A new hire may have all the technical skills you need, but they may be challenging to work with if they haven’t developed their soft skills.

They may be more self-focused without considering their role in a whole operation. It’s one thing to be good at doing something, but what will lead to your business growth?

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Recruiters need to reframe their mindset beyond simply finding a job replacement and instead seek someone who will actively contribute to your company culture and apply all skills (hard and soft) to enhance your productivity and overall success.

Ultimately, you need to continuously ask yourself: what characters will thrive in your business?

Your current recruitment process may be solely focused on schooling and having sufficient work experience in the industry, but what about experiences that may have built your candidates’ soft skills?

One of the essential recruitment strategies to implement is ensuring your hiring team is present in the search and, in one way, more open-minded, while in another, more focused.

Building Successful Recruitment Strategies

Your recruitment goals shouldn’t simply be to fill a role when you have a job opening. Instead, you need to find employees who will embody and support your company values.

Your hiring stage offers the opportunity to find workers who are compatible with your company and will offer the technical and soft skills you need to succeed.

By incorporating your business values into your personalized recruitment strategies and opening your mind to welcome employees with dynamic talents and traits, you’ll compile a strong, talented team that will move your business forward.

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Aneela Zaib is the CEO and Founder of EmergiTEL, a growing recruitment agency that has become the go-to source for hard-to-find skills in the telecommunications and IT industries. Winning awards from EY and RBC, Aneela has established herself as one of the most prolific female entrepreneurs in the IT and Telecom industry. Aneela continues to bring her entrepreneurial spirit and emphasis on workplace values to everything she does.

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