Paid Marketing Vs SEO – How to balance right in your strategy

Modern marketers will have to decide on a mix of paid versus organic marketing, and the perfect formula isn’t always forthcoming.

Forbes highlights how 75% of consumers say paid ads make it easier to find information, yet 70% of clicks come through organic links.

With such a paradox at the heart of modern digital marketing, and with such big benefits to be made, it’s worth spending time thinking about how to get the balance right in your strategy.

The basics – PPC

Forbes highlights how 75% of consumers say paid ads make it easier to find information, yet 70% of clicks come through organic links.

At the core of paid marketing is pay-per-click (PPC). As Google outlines, this is a process where an advertiser only pays for engagement through click-throughs.

Effective PPC management is crucial for the baseline of your online marketing efforts. This form of marketing is highly measurable, targeted, and will bring high-quality visitors onto your digital platform.

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It’s as simple as showing customers what they want and receiving the resulting attention from that effort. However, organic marketing can bring a new and important angle.

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Building traffic

Website traffic is an important driver of sales.

Hubspot notes that blogging has been linked to a 55% boost in sales through traffic, and Entrepreneur also highlights the positive feedback loop that takes place when SEO drives up traffic, in turn enhancing the SEO of a website.

Organic ranking simply cannot be overlooked as, even when ads generate click-throughs and exposure for your business, SEO keeps the website ticking along every day with traffic.


The mix

Establishing the correct mix will vary depending on your industry.

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Targeted ads can work wonders for business; organic search engine growth may help to boost overall traffic and discovery rate for services. Bringing the two together is difficult, but it is made easier by measuring your success rate.

There are numerous tools available to help you assess your PPC success rate and to help you assess your SEO as it measures up against the various search engine algorithms the process is designed for.

Analyzing your data, and looking for gaps in service, is the real ‘trick’ to finding a fantastic marketing formula.

Balancing that see-saw is a trick in marketing and something that the best marketers will get right. As with everything in business, it can come down to a matter of experience.

Applying the knowledge and technical nous you have developed through marketing your business will help to establish the right mix.

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