How to Add a Digital Signature to a Word Document via Email 1

How to Add a Digital Signature to a Word Document via Email

How to Add a Digital Signature to a Word Document via Email 2

Digital signatures have transformed the handling of documents.

Today, instead of pen and paper, businesses can employ digital tools to conveniently sign on any document.

Of course, this is not a new concept as it has been developing over the years with other technological advancements. 

Today, it has become more sophisticated as it is now possible to replicate your actual signature on an electronic signature safely and securely. Digital signature comes with digital encryption that makes it possible to verify the signer’s identity and establish a legally binding confirmation. 

The crucial and most advantageous thing about e-signature is that it is legally recognized.

It can be used on practically any document and for any purpose, including business agreements, loan applications, real estate contracts, and so on. The ease of use is another of its important features. 

It is possible to add e-signature to different types of files, including PowerPoint slides, PDF, Excel files, Word documents, and even email.

In this post, we will look at how you can add a signature to a Word document through email. Before then, let us take a sneak peek into what electronic signature is all about.

What is a Digital Signature?


A digital signature is an encrypted stamp that authenticates a file with a visual representation of the signer’s signature.

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It can be used on any documents and it remains legally binding. It is a fact that this e-signature ensures integrity, authenticity, and notarization of any document. In many cases, it has substituted the traditional physical signature. 

The current situation in the world has given weight to the use of electronic signatures and it has become more widely accepted across the business terrain.

Whether you have a document to create or just to append your signature, you can have a basic template to use for creating the document and use a digital tool to sign on it.

How Do You Add a Signature to a Word Document via Email?

Today, people share documents with others from all over the world.

Some are for information purposes only while some others require an action from the recipient.

In some cases, the action requires that the recipient signs the document. 

So, if you have received an email with a Word document and you have the instruction to append your signature digitally, how do you go about it?

It is pretty simple. You do not need any technical skills to sign a document electronically.

Follow the steps below to append your signature seamlessly.

Download the Word Document from your Email

When you have received a Word document that requires your signature via email, the first step is to download the document.

Since there is a high chance that the document is sensitive, take the time to go through it to know the content. 

Digital signatures are legally binding, which means that if you append your signature digitally, it is more or less a stamp of authenticity. It means that you agree with the content of the document.

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Therefore, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, go over the document after the download before you do anything else.

Insert a Line on the Signature Point

In some cases, the document may come with the line already. If it does not, you have to insert one.

To do this, move the cursor to where the signature is meant to be, which is in most cases, the bottom left-hand side of the document. 

When your cursor is at the place, click the ‘Insert’ on the top row of the tabs and select Signature Line.

Follow this by clicking on ‘Microsoft Office Signature Line’ and complete the fields within the e-signature setup window.

Right-click on the Signature Line

When you are done with the setup, right-click on the signature line and select the ‘Sign’ menu. This will bring the option of the signature.

Here, you can upload your signature from your computer or any external drive. 

You can then save the Word document again and if you have to resend, you can resend through the same email that you have received.

The whole process of adding a signature to a word document via email is seamless and simple.

How to Make Your e-Signature Official

To add an e-signature to a Word document and make it official, you need a digital certification.

This is what verifies and confirms your identity.

You can obtain a digital certificate in two ways.

First, you can get it from a 3rd-party authority.

Second, you can create a personal certificate. Although a 3rd-party certificate can be more official, you can create yours conveniently and make it legal. 

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The first step towards creating a certificate is to check the software version that you have. You should check the support page of Microsoft to get instructions on how to create a personal certificate.

When you have created yours, can use it on any document and make it legally binding.

How to Authentic a Digital Signature on a Word Document?

The reason why many people are still reluctant to use digital signatures is the assumption that it is not legally binding.

Many believe that it is not authentic and as such cannot be used for a corporate or legal document. Well, if you have this assumption, it is time to debunk it. 

Digital signatures are as valid and legally binding as traditional signing on paper.

They are valid on any type of documents, including bank documents, loan applications, real estate documents, contracts, business forms, employment forms, and more. It is your signature and it is authentic and can be defended anywhere.


With the advancement in technology, different aspects of our lives are changing.

Before now, pen and paper are the only known tools used for signing on documents. Today, you do not need a pen or paper to create documents and sign on them. 

You can do everything on your computer or even your mobile phone.

Digital signatures show how new technology can revolutionize the way we do things, including simple things like appending signatures.

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