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5 Best Creative Strategies For Your Insurance Email Marketing

5 Best Creative Strategies For Your Insurance Email Marketing 1

Are you ready to start up some profitable, engaging insurance email marketing campaigns?

This blog post will explain what you should prioritize, and list the benefits. According to the 2020 State Of Email Report, email marketing is of key importance for the success of 78% of marketing executives’ companies.

Effective email marketing strategies can help attract new leads, upsell existing policyholders, and build a trusted relationship with your brand. 

Design Optimal Emails

Quality, attention-grabbing email design needs to be consistent, user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices.

Use a simple, clean design, with occasional visual aids such as videos or gifs.

As you want your brand to be instantly recognizable to subscribers, you’ll need a color scheme that fits your insurance company’s logo and branding.

Finally, make sure your design has responsive capabilities. Remember that images may not be displayed properly on mobile devices, so don’t rely too much on document delivery – your email should make sense without visual aids. 

Create Content That Connects

For a higher response rate, and eventually higher conversions and policy renewals, you need effective email copy and content.

Before even discussing your body copy, think about the first thing your subscribers/policyholders see before opening an email – subject line and preheader. Make sure your subject line is compelling and relevant to the contents of the email.

Your preheader should contain a summary of the email. Content should be to-the-point and easy to understand, with short paragraphs.

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Find a Way to Balance Promotional and Content Emails

Your relationship with every new subscriber or existing customer should be meticulously planned.

Keep reminding your subscribers and policyholders of your presence, and make them feel appreciated and valued with non-promotional, informative emails.

For every email list, create a welcome email, as well as a series of follow-up emails.

Here are a few tips on the type of emails you could be sending:

  • Welcome email, that should thank your new subscriber for joining your email list, let them know what to expect, and encourage them to follow you on social media. If applicable, suggest downloading your app.
  • Content email, meant to keep your audiences interested without selling anything. This type of email should offer advice and engaging stories. For example, if you are selling property and casualty insurance, send stories about how homeowners insurance, renters insurance, or flood and earthquake insurance helped people save money.
  • Post-Purchase email, meant to thank policyholders for their purchase, inform them of what to do next, and provide contact information.
  • Policy renewal reminder emails, meant to warn policyholders that their policy expiration date is approaching, and suggest a renewal. PathwayPort offers a renewal bot that can do wonders for your insurance email marketing efforts. Along with billing reminders, you could include the benefits of renewing their policy, maybe even offer an upsell. If, for example, your customer wants to renew their car insurance, you can suggest an increase in their liability coverage. 

Automate Your Email Campaigns

For effective automation, you should focus on two main goals – deliverability and personalization.

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You cannot execute profitable email marketing campaigns unless your e-delivery works, and emails reach recipients’ inboxes.

Keep your emails relevant, and know when to give up on cold traffic, and avoid being flagged as spam. Many automation programs can help schedule sends to separate lists of subscribers/policyholders.

Pathway port offers an automated BMS (Broker Management System) marketing platform, where you can download documents from the BMS, and learn about all of your clients’ relevant information.

Automated replies and follow-ups depend on your recipients’ online journey, and messages can be customized to address recipients by their first names or remember their birthdays.

Additionally, if someone has purchased auto or home insurance, you can send custom email campaigns to suit their interests.

Monitor Performance

Many ESPs (Email Service Providers) provide all the tools you’ll need for measuring email performance, and regulate the most profitable sending practices.

Measure your deliverability, click rates, open rates, engagement rates, and unsubscribe rates.

Perform A/B tests to determine the best send time or the most effective subject line/preheader.

If you remember to check your email campaign performance every month, you can easily eliminate underperforming emails, and focus on proven-to-work solutions. 

5 Best Creative Strategies For Your Insurance Email Marketing 3

The Bottom Line

Policyholders trust their insurance carriers with many aspects of their lives and need to know that they are doing the right thing.

Your insurance email marketing efforts should honor this trust. Content-oriented emails offer free advice and build authority, upsells anticipate policyholders’ needs, and billing notices remind them of their obligations.

Use email marketing to invest in a solid relationship with your policyholders, and you’ll be looking at an increasing number of renewals.

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