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3 Best Examples of Experiential Marketing Events Platforms

3 Best Examples of Experiential Marketing Events Platforms 1

A year ago, an experiential digital event might have seemed like an impossibility, even an oxymoron.

However, with the massive shift to online event management platforms that have occurred during this time, such events have not just become a possibility, but also developed a firm place in the domain of event management.

Worldwide, experiential events draw thousands of people, with companies using them as tools to drive sales, marketing campaigns, and public relations endeavors.

Evolution of Platforms Has Led to the Experiential Shift

3 Best Examples of Experiential Marketing Events Platforms 3

When the shift to online events first started, only a limited number of hosting platforms were available.

While these platforms were decent for video conferencing, they didn’t provide features that could facilitate large marketing events.

They were not entirely transparent and did not provide hosts access to metrics such as demographic and firmographic data.

The digital divide was also very evident to attendees, and the experience was far removed from that of a physical event.

With the advent of experiential platforms such as Hubilo, these limitations are things of the past. Experiential events provide you access to a broader, more global market at low costs, resulting in higher returns on investment.

They enable attendees to get the closest possible experience to a physical event from the comfort of their homes.

Restart 2021

3 Best Examples of Experiential Marketing Events Platforms 5

Restart 2021, powered by Hubilo, an online event hosting platform, is a showcase of the power of experiential events.

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More than 4000 marketing professionals and 400 experts from the event management domain will attend the event.

They will complement more than 40 VP’s and chief marketing officers of some of the largest global corporations.

Marketing Gurus to Headline

3 Best Examples of Experiential Marketing Events Platforms 7

Scheduled for 23 and 24 March, some of the most renowned names in the world of marketing are due to headline the event.

Guy Kawasaki will deliver the keynote address on the transition from virtual to hybrid events and how this is creating an all-new marketing landscape.

The New York Times columnist David Pogue will speak on the latest trends in marketing and the skills required to excel in the modern marketing spectrum.

3 Best Examples of Experiential Marketing Events Platforms 9

Restart 2021 is divided into four ‘episodes,’ which will comprehensively cover the past, present, and future of marketing while providing you deep insights into how you can tap into the current trends for better results. 


Restart 2021 promises to be a marketing professionals’ delight.

It will provide all attendees numerous opportunities to network and meet new people from their domain, powered by the capabilities of Hubilo’s platform.

The future of marketing is bound to be on full display during two days of rich content and knowledge.

The event heralds a new turn for the event management domain, commencing an era in which the prevalence of experiential events will increase manifold.

If you believe that your company has a place in this era, there is no better opportunity for you to imbibe new ideas that might become your next marketing strategy.

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The world of marketing awaits! Registrations are open.

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