How To Get More Tumblr Followers

How To Get More Tumblr Followers [Case Study]

How To Get More Tumblr Followers [Case Study] 1

Today, I thought that this post would be a great topic to put out since I get asked this question a lot and the question is how do you get popular or Tumblr famous and how do you get lots of followers or how do you get lots of subscribers on YouTube. 

First off let me say I am not that popular on Tumblr or not on youtube on Tumblr as of right now I have my one main blog and I have 5,000 and something followers that may sound like a lot to you but in the grand scheme of things it’s not that much because people who are truly considered Tumblr famous, have like at least 50,000 followers maybe 90,000 followers and I have 5,000 so I feel like I’m not very high up on the list at all.

So I’m not sure why people ask me I feel like I’m not the person to ask on Youtube I have maybe 3000 subscribers and my videos get on average 2,000 views each they never really go past 2,000 views unless I make a really good video which may hit 20,000 views which sounds like a lot and it’s a lot for me but other like beauty gurus, they get like hundreds of thousands of years so again I’m on the low side as far as view subscribers and followers go.

That’s why I don’t consider myself some more famous or anything like that and I don’t know why people say that anyways who asked me how I got my followers and my subscribers and they’re asking me to go look at their blog and give them advice of what they need to change to get followers because I guess everybody wants to be Tumblr famous these days.

Post Quality Pictures

Well, let me tell you there is nothing you can do there is no secret formula there is no hidden code to get followers only thing you can do is have a quality blog and that means post high-quality pictures you don’t need a DSLR camera. 

Instead of that, you can have a regular camera and just know how to work it and use good lighting and take good pictures nobody wants to see crappy stuff other than that there’s not a whole lot you can do to change your blog to get more followers.

Quick Tip – Try ring lights for taking better pictures.

Promote Your Blog on Facebook & YouTube

You can promote your blog on other websites such as your Facebook or your YouTube channel.

 I promote my blog on my youtube channel and I brought my youtube channel on my blog so both followers go to my YouTube and YouTube subscribers voted my blog the way that I got most of my followers when I started doing my outfit of the day post because that was something.

Start doing Re-blogging 

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 It was not like a lot of bloggers were doing so when I started doing it was something interesting for people to look at and re-blog and it was something helpful because I put where you could get the clothes so people were interested in it.

I guess and so those things started getting re-blogged.

The more you get re-blogged the more people will notice your blog which results in getting more Tumblr Followers.

So it just kind of happened randomly for me that my outfit of the day posts was seen as interesting to the Tumblr community and they got re-blogs by a blog called blackfashion which I used to really like they have tons of all it’s a really popular blog it’s kind of faded off recently.

But it was really popular and so my stuff ever got on black fashion that was like whoa because he burst with notes and I got lots of followers because lots of people look at that then there’s also people like love staff who I really like Sofia she has millions of followers so if she ever re-blogs me that’s like a big like promo one time Kim dash re-blogged some pictures of me and that made me get a lot of followers but you can’t force them to do that for you that happens randomly.

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There’s nothing you can do to just make that happen you can submit yourself to popular blogs to get yourself seen and get your name out there but I don’t know how I feel about that too much because that’s kind of like I don’t know.

 I just can’t see people submitting themselves to these websites like I want to get famous.

Share original Content on Tumblr

 I’m gonna send myself every day lots of logs they’re like carbon copies of each other.

I can go to a bunch of fashion blogs that only do re-blogs so they don’t post any original content that they took the photos themselves or they type this up themselves.

They just do re-blogs and it’ll be like the same pictures on every blog I go to and I’m just like why do I need to follow you I’m following your twin blog already so don’t be a twin blog try to be original.

I guess post your pictures of yourself and your clothes and yeah that’ll get you further than just re-blogging the same stuff everybody else’s re-blogging.

I have kind of a half and the half thing I do a lot of re-blogging but I do a lot of original closes to but I think what people come for is the original post when you’re doing original postal make sure they’re high quality like I said you can’t post crappy phone pictures 24×7.

Make user-friendly pages

Nobody wants to see that and as a side note that I just remembered its important to me if I’m looking at someone’s blog that they have a nice layout on their actual page sometimes I’ll go to somebody’s blog and they’ll have like a neon yellow background with neon green words.

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It’s like I can’t even see what it says because the colors don’t contrast enough and then their little automatic music player will start like blasting party rock and then I can’t find their ask button and I can’t find their archive button and they’re just there page is a mess there’s like all these advertisements like everywhere and the scroll doesn’t work and you can’t see where it’s a re-blog.

This seems to me just like if your page is not user friendly and no one gonna use it and no one’s going to go to it so I try to make my page user-friendly organized and simple to look at so you don’t have any problem looking at my blog so that’s one thing that’s also really important to me, all in all, you really shouldn’t be trying that hard to be Tumblr famous.

One piece of advice to you

I think people who try too hard fail the most so yeah that the only advice I can give you is that it’s the same thing for you to make sure your videos are high-quality make sure they’re not too long not too boring, not talking about random topics that no one cares about and then if you deserve it the viewers and the subscribers should just come but that’s my advice for you.

Hopefully, this helped, and thanks for reading my blog. 

Let me know in the comments below which way you like the most to grow followers on Tumblr.

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