Why Blogging is an Integral Part of Your Online Strategy

Why Blogging is an Integral Part of Your Online Strategy 1

Building a strong online presence is becoming increasingly important.

While creating a user-friendly website is the primary requisite, blogging is the most effective strategy to build brand awareness.

It doesn’t end here! The same strategy provides businesses an opportunity to drive organic traffic, improve inbound marketing efforts, and attract more customers.

Did you know that businesses who publish blogs regularly attract twice as much email traffic who don’t publish at all?

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To put it simply, the benefits are endless. However, the goal must be to add value rather than being entirely promotional.

Let’s understand the benefits of blogging as a part of your business’s online strategy in detail.

Boosts Your SEO Rank

Blogging helps with improving your SEO quality. That’s what is being said all the time. But do you have any idea why?

Well! It’s because blogging helps you answer the most searched questions of your customers.

And by using a plethora of on-page SEO strategies, you’ll get many chances to rank higher in search engines and attract more visitors to your business website. As per a study, more than 65% of businesses who incorporate blogs generate more leads than those who don’t.


It happens because if you provide relevant content using the right keywords, search engine results turn out to be favorable.

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Builds Brand Awareness

Earlier, creating a name in the market took a lot of time and effort. Today it is easier than ever to create a space for yourself in the business world. Of course, paid advertising, social media, and other platforms are driving companies.

But blogging is one of the prominent pillars of making a brand recognizable or establishing it as a market leader.

How does it make that happen?

Business blogging acts as a medium to share company news, product information, expert tips, or scientific resources. It’s about communicating what a business can do for its customers in a multitude of ways.

A well-structured blog helps businesses to connect to the right people. Thus, acting as a cornerstone of brand awareness.

Creates Opportunities to Connect With Your Audience

Like we mentioned before, blogging helps to improve brand awareness. And if your brand starts attracting the attention of its customer, they will start connecting with your brand. In such a situation, you need to engage with them.

But how?

Well! You can choose the conventional comment section approach and build trust amongst your customers.

Responding directly to the responses with help to develop customer relationships. Plus, you’ll be able to convey your character and personality. After all, we live in the age of humanized marketing.

So, use every platform available to connect with your audience so that they know you are reliable.

Does that make sense?

But not every blog creates the same impact!

So, how to make your blog engaging enough? Let’s find out!

The Right Headline Turns Your Blog From Boring to Thrilling

When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.

David Ogilvy

Headlines are often considered close to magic bullets. So, if catchy headlines are an after measure for you, think again!

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They are so important that a headline alone can make or break your content strategy or content marketing goals.

So, it’s time to reconsider and create a headline that captures the interest of your user, thereby taking your blog post to the next level and, i.e., popular in terms of shares, click-through rates, and search rankings.

But how to write one for your blog?

● First, do proper keyword research.

● Use alluring words. But avoid using common adjectives and replace them with descriptive words.

● Keep it clear, short, and accurate.

For instance, a headline like “# Foolproof Tips for Doing X” is a great way to capture your customer’s attention.

Increase The Readability Score of Your Content

Whenever you create a content strategy for your blog, your focus should be on creating enjoyable and engaging content that your customers will understand.

For that, you need to replace your robotic tone with conversational content. In other words, the reader should feel that you are trying to tell them directly through words.

Other than that, keeping paragraphs short will help you avoid the scenario where the reader skips the content. It will make your content more scannable.

And by all means, avoid filler words. Be on point and let your readers understand that you value their time.

Communicate With Your Audience by Including Relevant Questions

Whenever creating a blog structure, first review and analyze how your customers view a particular topic. In other words, you need to start thinking like your customer.

That’s how you can easily develop an effective message and deliver where it’s more likely to connect with your target audience.

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Think about the storyline that your audience will relate to and add relevancy to what you are saying. But hang on! Please don’t leave them hanging.

Always end your blog post with a memorable call to action. It could be anything from asking about their views or asking what they can do next once they are through this blog.


If you want to become the talk of the town (oh sorry! internet), you must know how to effectively communicate with your audience and use their language (literally/ figuratively) to help them understand the core message of your brand.

Context matters a lot when it comes to blogging. It will help you resonate with your audience in the best possible way. When you start creating relatable content that aligns with the searcher’s intent in the right manner, your website will see a boost in its organic traffic, number of shares, page views, and search rankings.

All in all, there will be an increase in the lead generation, conversion rate, and eventually ROI. Isn’t that what you look for before investing in any marketing strategy?

So, tell us, are you using the right means to create an engaging blog post? If not, switch to the right strategy right away!

Harinder Kaur has completed her M.tech in Computer Sci. & Engg. from Kurukshetra University. Working as Marketing Director at TechBlogCorner.com since 2015 and She is also working on her new startups dealorcoupons.com and TheTantaList.com

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