How To Use YouTube Shorts To Increase Views And Subscribers

How To Use YouTube Shorts To Increase Views And Subscribers

YouTube Shorts is a new short-form video experience offered by YouTube for creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones. 

So, how does one create these video shorts and how are they helpful?  

It seems like Creators who take advantage of this new video format by posting video shorts to their channel could see massive subscriber growth in a noticeably short amount of time.

Video shorts are not monetised yet however if done correctly and used wisely they can boost your subscribers, which can help in the money department long-term.

How To Use YouTube Shorts To Increase Views And Subscribers

What is a YouTube Short?

A YouTube short is a vertical video format that is designed to be shot entirely with your mobile phone.

The videos need to be under 60 seconds and can contain video clips from your previous long videos on your channel, or entirely new content that relates to your channel.

Each short video has a subscribe button for your channel on the video itself, making it super easy to gain new subscribers for your channel, as well as increasing your overall video viewing stats.

Why do you need to make a YouTube Short?

Currently, YouTube is heavily promoting these video formats to compete with the likes of TikTok.  

Shorts are relatively new and therefore, there is a low inventory so even older videos in this format are being played and getting a lot more views due to this new feature.

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So, by creating shorts, as a YouTube creator you can generate more views, and because there is a subscribe button on each of the video shorts you are able to quickly increase your subscribers because of the Increased exposure from YouTube promoting these videos.

In essence, YouTube is generating free publicity and promoting your channel when they feature your video shorts.

This does mean, however, that you must make a good video short, and to do that, you must learn how to do it properly.

How do you make a short video?

First decide, what content you are going to record. Is it entirely new or will it be a clip from an old video on your channel, or maybe several little clips of a few different videos?

If you are recording new content, then the easiest way would be to just set your smartphone up in a vertical position and press the record button.

However, if you have decided to edit old video content, making a custom template inside your video editor that is 1080×1920 pixels (the inverse of the standard 1080p template) and cut up your existing videos into smaller segments or mash multiple videos together. You can also edit videos online making your task super easy and swift.

Then record your video. Seems simple, doesn’t it?

Some important tips to remember.

The process of creating YouTube shorts is relatively simple and easy.

There are some things to bear in mind though to use them effectively to increase your overall channel content views and subscribers:

  • Keep your video shorts under 60 seconds: This is important because although YouTube has said 60 seconds or under, many videos that were exactly 60 seconds have not been added to the YouTube shorts feed. To be on the safe side, keep them at under 58 seconds and you will be sure to see your video short being promoted in the feed.
  • Your shorts should be standalone videos: Condense your message in a standalone video rather than using a YouTube short to promote your existing channel. The videos play in a continuous series which will help you draw new subscribers to your channel.
  • Be consistent with your brand message: Video shorts are a way to draw subscribers to your channel. If your niche is beauty and makeup tips, then don’t suddenly start making videos of your precious cat. Showcase your personal brand in your shorts, and keep your content streamlined in order to capitalise on gaining new subscribers.
  • Making the most of your short video: Optimizing your video short for maximum exposure is just as essential as putting out your normal video content on your channel.  Your short should include the following:
  • Include a thumbnail.
  • Write a complete description.
  • Add relevant video tags.
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YouTube shorts look like they are a great addition to your normal video content on your channel.

It means greater versatility in content creation and your niche channel can potentially reach more people across the globe.

It is important to remember that shorts cannot be monetised yet and if you check your stats and analytics regularly, the short videos do behave differently, especially as it could be several days before they are featured and taking a couple weeks to generate those higher views.

All in all, YouTube video shorts have a positive impact on your views and subscribers.

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