How to Hack Someone's WhatsApp without Touching

How to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp without Touching

People are extremely protective of their WhatsApp messages.

No one will just let you have a look at their WhatsApp.

If they do, they will delete all problematic messages or exit the groups that can get them in trouble. 

So, what if you could hack into someone’s WhatsApp without even touching their phone?

The new age spy applications provide the impetus for you to hack someone’s WhatsApp remotely.

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Here, you will learn how to hack whatsapp in a remote manner.

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Best WhatsApp Hacker: Safespy

As a web based application, Safespy provides the impetus to its users to hack into someone’s WhatsApp remotely.

Without any physical intervention with someone’s phone, you can get holistic access to their WhatsApp.

Safespy doesn’t end with WhatsApp messages. The hacking functions are extremely extensive. By virtue of this web based hacking application, you can see the following:

  •  Messages, iMessages, images and videos shared thereunder
  • Checking someone’s GPS location
  • Seeing the emails, calendar, browser history and even the library of apps
  • Social media applications of a person and the messages exchanged thereunder

Another superb feature of this application is the keylogger.

The keylogs allow the application to see the important keylogs made on an application. Any modifications made will be visible to you.

The modifications will involve the following:

  • Deleting a WhatsApp message
  • Archiving a WhatsApp message
  • Typing but deleting a text on WhatsApp
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Safespy Is Better Than Other Apps

Safespy is the most sought after spy application. It is idiosyncratic in its own way and this makes it superior to other popular spy apps.

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When you want to hack someone’s WhatsApp, there is a lot you put at risk. If you are caught under the act, it could lead to major ramifications, based upon the relationship.

Now, you would be wondering how and why is Safespy than other applications?

Well, to begin with, most of the other applications are latent homes for malware and phishing tools.

They can compromise on the security and integrity of your very system. 

When it comes to Safespy, there is an assurance of not attracting any unwanted integrity issues to your system.

So much so, there will also not be any irritating robot verifications or feedback forms.

Safespy also has the best dashboard that even makes newcomers with technology or spy apps feel at ease.

The functions are essentially laid out in a very understandable format. Through Safespy, you get the friendliest interface ensuring that you just know what to do and where to click.  

Hacking Someone’s WhatsApp from Safespy

You can hack someone’s WhatsApp by just following a very swift set of procedures. The processes are very short and do not necessitate any information that is not necessary.

From signing up to linkage with the phone, you can make do with minimum information. 

Below is the process for the same:

Procedure of Hacking Someone’s WhatsApp from Safespy


First, you need to open the web app and register to Safespy’s website. You can register through your email ID. The web based application doesn’t seek any information other than your email. 

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Post registration, you would need to select the plan of your choice. For doing the same, you can browse through the multiple plans that Safespy has to offer to its users.

There are plans like premium monthly plans and family monthly plans. These plans can help you in economizing your hacking. 

After you have chosen the plan of your choice and paid for the same, you will be in receipt of the set up email for installation.

The set up will be immensely simple and time efficient.

All you would need to do is follow the onscreen instructions. In a jiffy, the installation would be completed.

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Once you are done with the installation, you will need to select the ‘target platform’ from the options available.

Target device is the type of device that you need to hack. The two popular choices would be an Android device or an iOS device.

If you intend to hack an iPhone, you will select iOS.

If you intend to hack an Android phone, select Android as the target platform.

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When you select iOS as the target platform, you need to enter the iCloud credentials.

If you know the iCloud ID and password, you can link to the iPhone immediately.

After this, the dashboard of Safespy will appear and you can opt for hacking into WhatsApp. 

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When you select Android as the target platform, you would need to download the app on that Android phone.

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This might sound tricky but is a non negotiable requirement with Android.

Because of this, no hacking or spy app can get immediate access into an Android phone.

Nonetheless, Safespy still ensures safety while adhering to the Android rules. As a result, you would need to download the application.

The app takes only a few minutes to download. It has been designed into a weight of only 2 MB so that it can be hidden upon download. 

When the app is on a hidden mode, it can be viewed, seen or even felt on the Android phone. It even vanishes from the library of apps. 

There will never be any indication of such an app existing or the slightest of doubt to the Android phone user. 

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The link will be set with the Android phone and then you can be able to hack on WhatsApp. The dashboard will appear and you can pick the feature that you want.

You do not have to worry about the app in the Android phone. Once linked, you can later delete it directly from the dashboard. 

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The answer to the question, ‘how to hack WhatsApp’ doesn’t get simpler than this.

Through Safespy, you attain the best and most trustworthy hacking services.

Its patronage is only seeing an upward trend as Safespy is now a million users strong in over 190 countries. Sign up for the best kind of hacking.

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