6 Best Free Mobile Form Apps Platforms

Are you looking to get your hands on resourceful mobile form app platforms in 2021?

6 Best Free Mobile Form Apps Platforms 1
Best Mobile Form Apps Platforms

Then, give a read to the below-listed free options for you to try:


ProntoForms is well-known for its quick and timely response. When it comes to mobile forms automation, it has been named “leader.”

Indeed, it is considered a low-code mobile form platform that empowers technicians, workflow or routine operations, and tech stack.

Globally, ProntoForms happens to be a field-focused low-code application solution for existing enterprise and numerous startups.

In a highly competitive business environment, it is used to build apps, collect data, and analyze imperative information via mobile device, tablet, etc.

It is a secure and reliable solution, offers improved and quality services, improves productivity, and mitigates potential risks. 


GoFormz is a solid 4.5 out of 5. It is a free forever tool that has to offer an easy, fastest, and digitized solution that can substantially serve your mobile form app needs. You can surely expect superior processing.

With GoFormz, you can directly convert your existing documents and forms into digital versions. This can potentially save your time as you won’t have to create anything from scratch.

You can simply fill out the forms on your cell phone or online.

Besides, you can get 24/7 access to real-time data, you can expect new data types, and you can enjoy cloud-storage.


GoCanvas is one of the ideal solutions when it comes to mobile forms automation software.

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This mobile form platform makes it easier for contemporary businesses to automate their routine operational tasks and workflow processes.

It is considered an updated and inexpensive option for cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

At present, GoCanvas app is serving over 6000 users in 70 different countries.

You can choose from more than 20,000 downloadable mobile form templates. It is one of the industry’s largest mobile forms selection. 


Fulcrum is a 4.7 out of 5. This tool is known to optimize for speedy response.

It has minimal entry level price and offers easy forms automation and data collection.

It is considered a leading solution that can digitize the entire workflow and delivers cloud-based data-driven insights.

With the support of Fulcrum, you can create custom mobile apps and ensure data accuracy.

You can freely use this offline – means no internet connection is required. Currently, 30,000+ individual users and 2,000+ organizations are using Fulcrum in different countries. 


doForms is a 4.6 out of 5 mobile forms automation software, and is well-suited to serve current businesses’ needs.

It enables them to capture relevant information, collect data, and share information with others via using digital devices.

This tool can impeccably integrate data across different operating systems like, QuickBooks, SAP, Excel, Oracle, etc. doForms is a total cost-saving solution for businesses. 

Device Magic

Device Magic is 4.3 out of 5. The entry level price for this mobile forms software stands at $0. This tool has to offer customizable solutions to your needs.

It is considered one of the best data collection apps that can take over your paper forms in no time.

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If you are looking for a realistic solution, then check out this real-time accurate delivery of field data tools. You can develop your forms using simple drag-and-drop options.

More interestingly, with Device Magic, you can collect data offline via using your mobile or any other digital device.

Lastly, this tool delivers data in multiple formats, such as text, custom PDF, word, email, etc.

With this, you can feasibly automate your routine business data workflows. 

Which one you like let us know in the comments below.

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