6 Real-Estate Sales and Marketing Trends For Sales Team

The real estate industry around the globe has seen a severe shift in the last few years. In fact, there have been more innovations and changes in the previous year than we may have ever seen before.

The pandemic may have impacted housing sales in the short-term, but there are several positives in the long-term.

With more time being spent indoors and remote working probably becoming the new normal, the demand for housing that matches the needs of a remote working lifestyle is on the rise.

And this also means changing the traditional approach of selling properties.

The new-age customer is leveraging social media, real-estate apps, and other technology options in their house-hunting journey.

In this changing world, how can real-estate firms upscale and adapt to modern requirements?

Here are a few sales and marketing trends in the industry that you should watch out for to be prepared and thrive in a dynamic world:

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6 Real-Estate Sales and Marketing Trends For Sales Team 17

Creativity Is the Latest Sales Hack!

This may seem more of a value-based action rather than a tip to increase real estate sales, but in 2021, creativity could not be more valuable.

The pandemic and the crisis have led to a situation where heavy investments are seen as a risk, and many are shying away from heavy promotions.

But it is only a matter of time before your competition realizes this and reaches for the first-mover advantage. 

6 Real-Estate Sales and Marketing Trends For Sales Team 1

So while you should focus on your outreach to customers, do not forget to be creative and empathetic. Traditional sales methodologies will not work when times are tough.

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Focus on the challenges of the customer and strategize your approach to match this challenge.

Remember, your creatives can be splendid but won’t evoke the right response if you fail to connect with your audience.  

Webinars Have Replaced Events

In the new normal, webinars and online event that are replacing real estate events, which are usually the best opportunities to reach out to new leads.

But the new format requires real estate firms to think a little differently. Webinars are great opportunities for brands not just to sell but educate their audience, and an informed customer isn’t bad for business, especially in the digital age.

To create webinars that are a bit hit, think again of the why?

Why would a customer want to attend a webinar talking about real estate?

You can focus on challenges, tips, or helpful topics to enable your customers to see the value in buying properties or investing in real estate in this market.

To go beyond, you may even automate the webinar process using videos or a screen recorder. This way, the speaker doesn’t have to scroll and speak at the same time, allowing better flexibility. 

Sales Automation Is a Must in the Digital Age

Automation has penetrated almost every business process, and it is now a new trend in sales.

But automation doesn’t only mean increasing productivity and decreasing human effort; it is all about freeing your best minds to be creative and customer-focused. 

Many organizations and real estate market use sales pipelines and CRMs that are still pretty traditional. This means every entry or update has to be made manually.

By leveraging the latest trends to optimize and automate this tedious process, you can provide your staff with the time to manage their pipelines more efficiently and be focused on the stuff that matters most!

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A simple example can be using email marketing or workflows for targeted marketing, bots for handling customer service requests, and other avenues for sales automation. You can try software’s like Sendinblue, Keap etc.

Use Social Media Marketing to the Maximum

Since the past few years, social selling has increased and will be a crucial avenue for generating leads or reaching out to the customer in 2021.

Social media posts and ads can improve your business since you can reach out to a range of customer profiles. 

And instead of selling your product right there, why not think of a different approach?

Plant an idea or answer questions to showcase your expertise, as this will help you build credibility and create a positive image within your target audience.

Posting relevant content to your prospects and using social media to drive decisions is a fantastic opportunity for real estate in the digital age.

Value-Based Selling Is the New In!

Many salespeople, especially from real estate, seem to think if you are persistent and keep pushing, you will eventually succeed.

But in a world where customers wish to research themselves rather than rely on someone for their information, this approach may not yield the right results.

Example is eXp Realty, where eXp lets you search and helps you find your desired information.

In the new normal, sales are not just about generating revenue but more about creating value.

The best way to convince your customers is now to prioritize value over profit.

With targeted ads and customers getting thousands of options at the click of the button, your expertise and personalized approach are what will help you stand out.

Implement value-based selling by identifying what your prospects want and tailor your strategy to match their requirements.

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Optimize Video for Sales

In the digital age, the attention span of your audience is fairly limited.

This means that if you cannot get their attention in a matter of seconds, the prospect may be lost forever since there are thousands of posts that will be populating their social feed.

To truly stand out, video and visual is the best way to communicate.

When creating video for sales, especially in the real estate market, ensure that the visuals are exciting and rich.

You may break down videos into teasers to help you generate leads, in-depth offerings to the converted audience, and personalized sales to clinch the deal.

This strategy can work wonders to free your salespeople, but the audience will get all the information they need before they speak with your sales, making the job of selling a lot easier! 


The real estate market may have seen its most substantial challenges in the last few years, but there are still many opportunities waiting for the right pitch.

These simple tips help build an efficient sales process and go a long way in building value for your customers.

In the digital era, customers have multiple offers and tend to research their options before investing.

Don’t just think of the revenue and sales; think of how you can provide them with the value they need to keep them coming back! 

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