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7 Best Background Check Services for Employers

Hiring a new employee is sometimes compared to welcoming someone into your home.

Doing a background check on candidates can make sure you’re protecting your establishment and other staff from unsuitable coworkers.

Many background check services run in-depth, thorough pre-employment checks for small and medium-sized companies as well as enterprises.

These tend to cover everything from employment verification to criminal history screening.        

We review the seven most reliable background check services, taking into account compliance, ease of use, cost, HR integration, range of screening services, turnaround, and applicant tracking software.

Our top picks include AccurateNow, Checkpeople, InfoMart, and HireRight. They’re sure to facilitate your hiring process.

7 Best Background Check Services for Employers 1

1. AccurateNow

Established back in 2002, AccurateNow has an indirect A+ rating with the BBB. The company offers user-friendly online reports and affordable pricing.

There are no monthly minimums on the FCRA-compliant screenings you can purchase.

To begin with this company, choose a plan and provide your applicant’s name and email. They will send them an electronic consent form and login details to provide the information required.

This is a breath of fresh air as most background check services burden the recruiter with all of the legwork.

Their reports are intuitive, easy to comprehend, and very clear. The color-coding feature shows the presence or absence of concerning issues.

You can order your screening from a mobile device thanks to the mobile-friendly online dashboard.

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2. Check People

Checkpeople has a simple and straightforward approach to online background checks. Its features include public record checks, people lookup, and a lot more.

The interface is clean and superbly organized.

Reports can be downloaded in an easy to read pdf file. The user-friendly, intuitive menu makes it possible to adjust settings with ease.

3. GoodHire

GoodHire has preset settings to provide information about the price, the type of searches available, and the turnaround.

Their online portal is available for users who want to order a screening and use adverse action tools, automated adjudication, and individual assessments.

Companies in all industries and of all sizes can use their pre-employment background check services.

The cutting edge software makes the platform user-friendly and customizable. Small businesses in particular will find it a great option. However, companies in healthcare, retail, HR, and technology will find it most useful.

4. InfoMart

This background check service is unbeatable when it comes to turnaround. It takes less than two business days to generate a thorough, reliable background check report.

The company recommends various screening options depending on the industry and the candidate or employee.

As there are no minimum requirements, the service is best for small businesses. Its fee structure is completely transparent and it features an impressive, intuitive online portal.  

InfoMart’s services are best-suited for companies in the automotive, education, finance, food service, healthcare, hospitality, or entertainment industry.

The customer service is available to help startups or small companies check their first applicants or new hires.

5. HireRight

HireRight remains one of the undisputed industry leaders, having developed the first online background checks back in 1997. They have an A- rating from the BBB as well as PBSA accreditation.

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This service provider is an excellent choice for companies with a lot of branches or ones that operate internationally and hire people from all over the world.

Their services include criminal background checks, employment and education history, global screening, identity checks, driving records, and social media background checks, among others.

HireRight’s easy to use interface makes it less time-consuming to store and record applicant information thanks to integration with timekeeping software, ATS, payroll, and human resources.

It’s also one of the most affordable options because its search plans are adjusted to those of other similar services. The advanced search plans tend to cost less than the market average.

6. AGoodEmployee

Launched in 2004 as a property management company screening service, AGoodEmployee has since expanded to background checks for staffing agencies and corporate employees.

This FCRA-compliant service may offer fewer background checks types than the average, but it specializes in screenings compliant with the strictest regulations in different states.

If you choose this provider, you can be sure you’ll never get into trouble for running background checks improperly.

They have the services and experience to help their clients navigate the minefield that background checks have become.


Job candidates can access and upload data on this self-service portal, which then generates and sends reports.

There are basic and premium background check levels. On the basic level, you get a criminal history and a county record check.

The premium version also has financial history and eviction checks.

The service will scan relevant documents if you sign up for monthly monitoring. Property managers, landlords, and small businesses will find it particularly helpful.

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It includes credit documents, housing documents, and Social Security number validation.

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