How to Write a Google Review Without a Gmail Account

On your favorite vacation you are going on a trip there you have dined at a not famous but a very decent restaurant with good food.

There the owner of the restaurant is requesting you to give a google rating and review.

You are satisfied with the food quality and the ambiance, and you are interested in providing a useful review. But then you found you don’t have a Gmail account. 

Have you heard about giving the reviews on the google business pages?

You can add your reviews and ratings, which are very helpful for the restaurant owner.

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They use these reviews to increase their good image.

These google reviews are quite helpful when we are asking about authentic shops or restaurants. 

Then at that moment, many questions are arising in your mind like:

  • Can I write a google review without having a Gmail account?
  • If it is possible, then how?

These are the two major questions that are starting to pop into your mind when you want to give the review but do not know the best possible way to give the reviews without the Gmail accounts. 

4 Simple Steps of Writing the Google Reviews Without Gmail Accounts

4 Simple Steps of Writing the Google Reviews Without Gmail Accounts
Writing the Google Reviews Without Gmail Accounts

The most important solution to your questions is the YES word.


You will be happy to hear the good news that you can write reviews without having a Gmail account.

Even you can help the business owner to earn a solid record of the google review badge.

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Now, just jump in the topics that will help you understand the exact steps to write google reviews without Gmail accounts.

1. Using the Google Map

The google account is not all time a necessary part of every person’s life.

But when your local startup business person and or any struggling business owner ask you about writing good reviews or giving the rating.

The Google accounts are that time sounds like the most precious things in the whole world. 

If you are new to google world, then first find the desired shops or restaurant location from the google map.

You only have to type the name in the search bar, and then you can find the location of the shop.

On your right-hand side, you will see a bar with the name on it.

You have to click on the name with the picture or the address details which are written on it.

This is the basic simple process to start the writings on the google review page.

2. Give the Rating by Stars

When you find the desired locations from google maps, you will see a very simply written address.

Other than that, you will see an empty space where you can start giving the star rating. From this step, you will not be getting interrupted by your regular sighing accounts.

But from these steps, you have to choose the accounts.

Here another popup will arise, which will give you the options to log in with the google account.

You can sign in with the google accounts after that. You will get the chance to choose any account type to create or existing email accounts.

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You will get two options one is singing with your google account another one is accessing the operations with the existing account.

Google will give you the option to create any new account. Other than that, you can access the rating reviews with the existing account.

Then you have to choose the current email address, or else you can open another account for the operation.

3. Write Your Reviews

The Benefits of Google Reviews

From the point of choosing the existing accounts, you will get the redirect options, which will redirect back to your share reviews page.

There you can start writing your reviews.

Google review writing is more about knowing the authenticity of the locations. 

After finding the locations of the shop, the whole system is becoming simpler.

The more users are getting confused when the options to open the google accounts are popping up. More of the users are redirecting from that point.

But when you are clicking on creating an account in Google, you will get the option to log in with the recent accounts.

If you are a first-time review giver, then just do not hesitate to click on the create an account option. 

4. Add the Pictures and The Product Descriptions

As we told you before the product descriptions and the picture of the product is very necessary.

Google wants to publish your reviews along with your product pictures and details.

The product descriptions and the relevant pictures are the basic two things that will help the owner to earn the google review badge.

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The pictures with the reviews mostly earn better feedback than the regular boring comments and the ratings.

After adding the pictures of the products or adding any relevant photos of the surroundings will also help the other users get the proper visualizations and the taste of authenticity of the products and locations.

You only have to add your comments, then just click the sign with the camera icon.

Then automatically, the camera will open, and then you can click the product’s pictures.

You can add multiple pictures as you are desired.


The google reviews are helping the customers and users to protect themselves from the fraud shop owners and misguidance. If you are a business owner, then we must say you can use these reviews to profit your companies. 

If some struggling business owner is asking you for a google review, do not keep second thoughts before writing the goggle reviews.

Not having a google account is not becoming a barrier from giving google reviews and ranks.

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