3 Signs It May Time For Your Business To Bring In Expert Support

In each business’ growth journey, there comes a time when it may need specialist help to achieve its goals.

According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers Retail & Consumer Industry Practice report, 68 percent of large U.S. companies currently outsource a part of their workforce.

Over 59 percent of businesses turn to outsource to cut costs, while a similar percentage use outsourcing to access specialist skills to move their business forward, such as IT services, customer services, or bookkeeping.

While entrepreneurs are generally praised for their ability to multitask, it is also important to recognize the crossroads when you may need to bring in some outside help.

From seeking help in growing your business online to getting help in the digital marketing world, knowing the signs it may be time to hire expert support for your business can make all the difference between launching a successful startup and becoming another business statistic.

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3 Signs It May Time For Your Business To Bring In Expert Support 1
How Hiring Experts Can Help Your Business Grow

How Hiring Experts Can Help Your Business Grow

One of the most common benefits of hiring an expert contractor for your business is the valuable insight and technical expertise they can provide.

Many of these specialists come with a wealth of training and experience in their field, which means you can access high-value resources and knowledge for the right price.

For instance, hiring a website design specialist to help with building your business website means you and your business can enjoy a well-designed website that has all the elements of a good business website, including mobile responsiveness, easy navigation, and SEO optimization.

Adding an expert contractor to your team can also help minimize costs, particularly when launching new business ventures or projects.

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Their experience and technical finesse can help you identify cost-effective methods of achieving your business goals, with less trial and error.


They are also more likely to spot mistakes that may cost you or set you back in your business goals.

By providing a key missing skill and great value, bringing in expert support can be a great business decision if done at the right time.

Do You Know The Extent Or Timeline Of Expert Help Required?

Some business tasks may be a one-time need and therefore only require you to outsource an expert’s help once.

However, there are some business functions, such as annual bookkeeping or website maintenance, that require regular recurrences.

Before hiring a contractor, you must perform an analysis of your business and identify the gaps where you would possibly need their services. Being objective and honest during this process is key.

List out the weaknesses in your business and routes to rectifying them. Is it a recurring need such as 24-hour customer service?

Alternatively, if it is just short term help that your business needs, hiring a contractor may be best.

Can Your Business Budget Afford The Cost Of Expert Services?

Most specialist contractors come with a portfolio of training, past clients, and experience.

Because of this, and depending on the support you require, they can cost a substantial amount.

For instance, a Desktop Support Analyst’s salary averages $49,750-$86,500 as a full-time employee, while technical support specialists command up to $34.14 per hour in the District of Columbia. Similarly, the IT support Indianapolis businesses seek may differ in costs and requirements to other cities.

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If you choose to outsource your IT tech, some estimates put the cost between $1,000 and $2,500 per month for most small businesses.

While it is a great saving compared to adding a specialist to your full-time employee rota, it still is a sizeable cost that your business budget should be able to comfortably cover each month or at the end of the contract period.

Is Your Team Lacking The Technical Knowledge?

Another sign that it may be time to seek expert support is if you are finding that your current team is being overwhelmed with a few specific demands of the job.

A great example is the common conundrum faced by small businesses when it comes to their IT functions.

Many of them lack the financial assets to hire full-time IT specialists, and so often recruit IT personnel, who perform overall IT tasks.

However, many times, they may be faced with tasks where they lack the technical expertise.

In this case, you may need to choose between training your employee or choosing to outsource the task to a specialist firm/contractor.

Every business needs help, at some stage. Knowing when to seek expert support is a critical step to ensuring your business has the right resources in place at the right time.

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