Best Visual Commerce Platforms

5 Best Visual Commerce Platforms [Step-by-Step Guide]

To stand out in the competition and win the marketing game, it has become crucial for brands to adopt unique and innovative marketing methods.

One of such ways is leveraging visual content for the eCommerce stores.

This concept of Visual Commerce has shaped the way brands merchandise their products, as it allows the brands to display their products exquisitely.

Best Visual Commerce Platforms
Visual Commerce Platforms Guide

Visual commerce is all about displaying attractive and striking visuals of your product’s post and adding shoppable tags to it, to increase engagement and sales.

Many visual commerce platforms can help your brand provide a story-telling image and a human face to the products.

Depending on your offer and the targeted audience’s products and services, you should choose the suitable visual commerce platform for your brand.

Best Visual Commerce Platforms

Taggbox Commerce

5 Best Visual Commerce Platforms [Step-by-Step Guide] 1

Taggbox Commerce is an amazing tool that can help you create an exclusive visual commerce store that can boost your brand and magnify sales.

Using Taggbox commerce, you can collect UGC and other content from diverse sources and curate it into a single feed.

This feed can be customized and personalized according to the desires of targeted audiences. You can change the design, layout, themes, colors, etc.

You can even moderate the curated content to display the relevant and best quality content to the customers.

To make the feed shoppable, you can tag products to the post and add descriptions, prices, specifications, etc.

This tool allows you to tag either a single product or entire product catalog to a single post.  

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Moreover, this tool allows you to publish the shoppable feed on various CMS platforms and helps the brands to analyze their performance and gain insights into customer engagement and impressions.

Most importantly, this tool helps you secure your UGC rights to create a legitimate shoppable gallery.


A platform that turns your user-generated content and Instagram content into shoppable galleries, as it collects the content and curates it in a unified form, acquires UGC rights from the users, gains advanced insights and analytics.

With this tool, you can give your shoppable gallery an eye-catching design and make it reflect your brand’s identity so that it can blend with your online store seamlessly.

It can help you integrate the shoppable gallery in different locations, such as home page, content pages, collection pages, etc.

Also, you can filter out inappropriate content from the feed that might ruin your brand’s image.

You can also tag any number of products to a post and get insights into customer engagement, clicks, and conversion rates.

Shoppable Instagram

5 Best Visual Commerce Platforms [Step-by-Step Guide] 3

To cater to the growing marketing trends, Instagram introduced the feature of Shoppability in 2017.

This feature allowed the users to shop the products on Instagram at the moment of discovery.

Shoppable Instagram has paved the way for modern-day shoppers to fulfill their desires, even while scrolling through their Instagram feed.

Shoppable Instagram simply means adding tags to the products to display product descriptions, specifications, prices, etc. It let people shop the products directly from the app.

To create your own shoppable Instagram feed, there exist some prerequisite conditions that should be fulfilled.

  • Instagram business account
  • Preferred geographical location
  • Product catalog on Facebook
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With these conditions, you can easily add shoppability to your Instagram feed and give your customers a seamless shopping experience and that too, in their comfort zones.

With Shoppable Instagram, brands can increase their product discoverability and product accessibility. Also, brands can influence potential customers’ purchase decisions by displaying authentic visual content and a small and quick purchase journey.

Facebook Shops

5 Best Visual Commerce Platforms [Step-by-Step Guide] 5
Facebook Shops

With the huge number of daily users, Facebook has become the trending shopping destination for the people.

With the introduction of Facebook shops, online shopping has become more easy and convenient. Not only shopping but with Facebook shops, you can even make selling online easy.

With this, you can customize your collection to showcase your products exclusively.

You can also bring your branded products to life and reflect the aesthetics of your brand by using attractive images and eye-catching designs provided by Facebook.

One of Facebook shop’s best features is that it increases your product discoverability on a large scale.

In fact, your Facebook shop can be accessed from multiple locations such as Facebook page, Instagram page, Stories, shoppable posts, Instagram Shoppable ads.

With the Facebook shops, you can directly communicate with your customers and build a strong bond with them.

The Facebook shop allows your brand to showcase the products in an exquisite catalog that allows the customers to shop directly from the catalog without even leaving the Facebook app.

Pinterest Buyable Pins

5 Best Visual Commerce Platforms [Step-by-Step Guide] 7

According to a study, Pinterest users spend more money per order than on any other social platform. That means you just cannot afford to skip this platform for selling your products.

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Pinterest buyable pins will help the platform users to purchase their desired products directly from the pin without leaving the Pinterest app.

By clicking on the “Buy It” option on the pin, users can see the product price, its description and are directed to its checkout page without any complexities.

Using the Pinterest platform’s analytics, you can view the number of clicks on each pin, impressions, repins, and views.

Also, you can promote your buyable pins using ‘Promoted pins.’ These promoted pins give you the guarantee that the users will see your pins and make a purchase.

Over To You

Visual commerce is the rising need of the customers as well as the sellers. To make a long-lasting impression of your brand on the users, it is vital to display your products exclusively and provide the customers with a smooth and comfortable shopping experience.

You can choose any of the above visual commerce platforms according to your brand, products, and targeted audience.

So create your stoppable gallery now and boost your sales like never before.

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