Best Games in the Adventure Genre

3 Best Games in the Adventure Genre

If you have been looking for games created in the 1970s and 1980s, then adventure games are the best option for you.

They were not only popular during that time but also loved by many even today.

They help in increasing the wits of the players. Comparing them to current games, they are slightly technical.

However, that will not stop us from exploring them for you.

The topic of the best games in the adventure genre is broad. However, our experienced and seasoned author, Daniel Bennet (you can learn more about him here), will explore the basics about them here.

Keep reading so that you don’t miss the essential insights.

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What is an adventure game?

An adventure game is a video game that is presented in the form of stories. During the game, the player takes the role of a protagonist.

Also, the game involves solving puzzles. The genre’s focus in the story makes it outsource its key content majorly from other narrative sources.

A brief recap on the history of adventure games highlights that there were no computers at the time of development.

You can guess how the 1970s were if you weren’t already born by then. There were no computers; hence most of the things were mostly done manually.

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Text parsers were used to translate players’ inputs into commands. That’s because they were text-based; therefore, they could not be relayed in their original forms without translation.

What are the benefits of playing adventure games?

Despite sounding complex to others, playing adventure games has some benefits as highlighted below.

Improves concentration –

Neurogenesis is very important in every human being. That is growing new neurons. Past research indicates that concentrating on solving complex things can help you in boosting the level of neurogenesis.

The more neurons increase and become thicker, your brain also improves in the planning and formulation of ideas.

Importantly, the level of concentration you give other things will also increase. That’s how adventure games can be helpful to your brain unknowingly.

Will improve your multitasking abilities

Various arguments suggest that the more one concentrates on a game, the more the multitasking abilities get improved.

Similarly, adventure games are not left behind, either. Playing them frequently will help you know how to respond to various things at a time.

Reduces stress and depression

Today, various forms of games are the best for therapy. When you play adventure games, you will know how to respond to specific stimuli and leave the non-target ones.

That will also make you get out of depression if you were already in its pit.

Above are just simple illustrations of how playing the best adventure games will help you. You can consider the next section to know the best adventure games of all time.

3 Best Games in the Adventure Genre 3
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Best games in the adventure genre

All adventure games are not created the same. If you are looking for an adventure games list, check out the ones below. Before that, make sure you have chosen a trusted source where you are going to play. You can check any casino review at casino Canada online.

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The Bradwell conspiracy

The Bradwell family is known for the development of outstanding home appliances. If you are a lover of great home appliances, then probably you have used one from Bradwell.

The Bradwell conspiracy focuses on resistance under capitalism. The puzzles in the conspiracy require you to be keen on solving them. Also, the environment is broader; therefore, you must be in a position to understand well.


The game is not only amazing but also engaging. You play as a journalist. The game requires you to play as an adventurer to the whimsical island, trying to find answers.

Then receives a film which, upon review, you realize is mysterious. Precisely the game remains one of the best. Trying it will give you a unique experience.

From Russia with love

Besides gaining top user reviews since its release in 2005, the game continues to thrill its players. If you have ever played it, you can recall how the experience was.

It follows the storyline of a 1963 movie and the novel. More additions have been made to the game since its emergence to make it more actionable. Of all the PC adventure games, it’s one that you shouldn’t miss if you have never tried it.

Together with others like Red Dead Redemption II, the above-highlighted games will give you an idea of how best adventure games are.

You can try adventure games to get a practical experience of what we mean. Try browsing games on category in online gaming platforms to land at the best.

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