in this particular article, we will talk about ways you can improve your internet security to stay away from prying eyes.

How to Enhance Internet Security in 7 Easy Ways

The internet is without a doubt one of the best inventions of mankind but as useful as it sounds, this technology is equally dangerous as well.

With the advancements in technology, hackers and cyber-criminals have become more sophisticated with their attacks.

Instead of dealing with the viruses when they enter your computer, it is better to secure yourself and protect your system in the first place.

So, in this particular article, we will talk about ways you can improve your internet security to stay away from prying eyes.

Install a Secure Network

How to Enhance Internet Security in 7 Easy Ways 1
Install a Secure Network

The first step involves a safe internet connection that can detect viruses and prevent them from entering your system.

If you are looking for such a connection, then we highly recommend Charter Spectrum because this internet provider offers a complete protection suite to keep you safe from online threats.

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Use a Safe Internet Browser

Use a safe internet browser that offers maximum web security when you are surfing the world wide web.

For instance, Google Chrome is a reputable web browser as it requires an action or a decision to be made by the end-user whenever unusual activity is detected, thus, minimizing data theft and notifying the user as to which website is safe and which is not.

This also mitigates the risk of a Trojan horse attack, which is one of the deadliest viruses on the internet.

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Moreover, always check the encryption of a website before allowing it to fetch your details. A website with HTTPS encryption is considered safer than a site that is encrypted with an HTTP protocol.

Know Your Privacy Settings

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Like the experts say, “once it is online, it’s not yours.” Today we live in the world of social global interaction and we need to have a visual identity.

However, the pictures, bio, and other details that we put online may be used for many purposes such as marketing and if fallen in the wrong hands – even blackmail.

It is crucial to protect that information and you can do that by sharing the information solely with your family and friends on social media platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Not only should the privacy settings be customized according to preference, but also the tools’ access to information whilst using third-party apps should also not be enabled.

Avoid Uploading Personal Data on Public Storage’s

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Avoid Uploading Personal Data on Public Storage’s

People think that if it is their Google Docs storage or DropBox, it is all right to upload their passwords and other personal information for memory purposes.

But they are greatly mistaken, their accounts can be compromised and the data can be shared or worse, leaked.

Many individuals have been stuck in a pickle by removing their sync on which can roughly amount to the data being automatically transferred to other devices!

Know What Apps You Are Using

Remember, you are looking for apps that offer “end to end encryption” not “encryption in transit”.

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The latter stores the information on the servers and the communication can be decoded by a third person. In end-to-end encryption, even the maker of the application cannot see or record your data.

Beware of Specter

How to Enhance Internet Security in 7 Easy Ways 7

Specter affects applications and internet browsers with the intention to steal sensitive data.

The theft of sensitive data such as passwords, personal information, cookies, cache, and encryption keys can take place through authentic websites as well.

It can be executed by attacking the vulnerability that enables websites to share details, which contain common elements such as pop-ups.

This allows Specter to steal data from a legitimate site by gaining access to the shared memory, which has been countered with updated versions of most platforms.

Good Internet Practices

Apart from installing antivirus and anti-malware software in your computer, consider adopting ethical practices when surfing the web.

We all should know the basics of good internet practices to safeguard and protect ourselves such as non-repetitive and complicated passwords.

Never open emails and messages from unknown senders, especially if the name mentioned in the message is not yours.

Cyber-criminals often trap users with phishing emails and blackmail them for ransom.

So, make sure that you adopt ethical internet practices when surfing the world wide web and you will definitely be safe from prying eyes.

That is all for today.

Stay tuned for more insightful updates regarding internet security and online safety.

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