Why Online Comparison Websites are Effective Marketing Tools

Why Online Comparison Websites are Effective Marketing Tools

Why Online Comparison Websites are Effective Marketing Tools 1
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Effective marketing is undoubtedly essential for businesses, as it generates leads and encourages new customers to choose one product over another, and to retain this custom.

However, since it’s never been easier to launch a startup and become a boss yourself, the competition has never been more challenging.

With so many operators to choose from, consumers can find it hard to pick the right company for their needs, which is often bad news for businesses.  

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Thankfully, online comparison websites provide unbiased and reputable platforms that are trustworthy and reliable.

As a result, more and more shoppers are using comparison sites as research before making purchases.

Indeed, 90% of online customers read reviews before making a decision, which means they are now integral advertising tools.  

Here, we take a look at industry examples that highlight the growing importance of comparison websites.  

The Online Casino Industry

The prominence of the online casino industry is undeniable. With a compound annual growth rate of over 11%, the sector is expected to reach a valuation of $127.3 billion in less than a decade.

Of course, the growth of the market means that players must determine which promotions and deals are superior.

To do that, they rely on comparison platforms to outline the different providers and the features that set them out from the rest. 

BonusFinder is a prime example of a trusted comparison site that has profited from the sector’s expansion.

This site evaluates and compares the different sites and the various factors within each, such as free tools and services of online casinos throughout the USA. 

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As a result, new and existing users are compelled to use the platform to search for the best bonuses, offers, and free bets.  

The Energy Industry  

The energy industry is the most famous example of the power of comparison websites from a marketing perspective.

As gas and electricity bills are high, homeowners typically want to cut them to save money on their household expenses and boost their budgets.

Previously, scrolling through different sites or calling customer service helplines was an option but proved to be too much hassle for most.

Thankfully, the likes of Energy Scanner and Power Switch hit the US market and allowed consumers to switch providers in half the time.

As a result, 66% of people who swap energy suppliers use a free price comparison platform. This is up from 62% in 2018.
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The Hotel Industry  

The hospitality industry relies on customer reviews, none more so than hotels and establishments that offer accommodation.

It’s not only high-quality people are searching for, but also a fair price.

Everyone wants a top-class room at a budget price, which isn’t easy to find.

However, the likes of Trivago compare 2.5 million hotels and other types of accommodation in roughly 190 countries to simplify the process.

The relationship is a positive one for hotels too as they gain increased bookings, advertising, and customer reviews. 

Why Reviews Are Important  

Reviews are essential for brands as they boost engagement by increasing a company’s credibility.

As they are unbiased, customers know they can trust comparison sites to help them make important buying decisions. 

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