Online Gambling Industry

How Smartphones Have Changed the Online Gambling Industry?

Over the last couple of decades, the gambling industry has continuously evolved. This period of change has culminated with the arrival of online gambling, which has allowed casino lovers to enjoy their hobby from the comfort of their own homes, without having to visit a land-based casino.

Online Gambling Industry
How Smartphones Have Changed the Online Gambling Industry? 6

All they have to do is type in their favorite website’s URL, and voila! They can start placing bets.

This convenience has been taken to another level, thanks to the widespread use of smartphones. Now, people can have fun in a casino no matter where they are, at any time of the day.

As you can see, these useful gadgets have taken the world of online gambling by storm, which is why this article will focus on their role in improving the entire industry. Let’s take a look!

How Much Has the Online Gambling Industry Changed Recently?

The online gambling industry has been going through some notable changes for quite some time now. In fact, in recent years, numerous regulations have been modified to facilitate the online gambling experience.

For instance, gamblers are now allowed to try their luck in casinos outside their countries’ borders — a bettor from South Africa could stake a bet on the US lottery without having to visit the country, which was nearly impossible a couple of years ago.

However, some limitations have been introduced, as well. For example, some of the most populated gambling markets, such as the UK, the US, and Sweden, have set maximum amounts that players can wager daily, weekly, or monthly.

Nevertheless, positive changes are still much more extensive. For example, the introduction of different online banking methods has pushed the industry even further.

The use of Apple Pay or Pay By Phone has made the payment process much faster, and money can be deposited and withdrawn much more quickly.

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Besides, online casinos have started accepting cryptocurrencies, which has allowed online players to remain anonymous. Plus, it seems like this payment method is more secure than others, which is a great advantage.

Some critical changes have been made in terms of gameplay, too. For instance, live dealer games, which were poorly accepted at first, have become all the rage now.

The reason for this may lie in the fact that they have improved quite a lot. Most of their teething problems, such as poor connection or long timeouts between games, have been resolved.

Moreover, VRCs — virtual reality casinos —  seem to be the future of the industry. This medium has grown on many players, and, as a result, an increasing number of online casinos have started embracing it.

The industry has experienced quite an expansion during the COVID-19 pandemic. At first, many gamblers could not leave their homes due to strict lockdown regulations. Now, casinos are allowed to open their doors to their customers again.

However, some measures taken to suppress the spread of COVID-19, such as wearing face masks or keeping social distance, could negatively influence the overall gambling experience. That is why many clients have started to favor online casinos.

Since these regulations probably won’t be going anywhere in the foreseeable future, numerous land-based casinos have started considering going online. As a result, online gambling and mobile gambling industries are likely to grow even further.

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Can Mobile Casinos Grow Further?

From 2017 to 2019, there was an upward trend in the mobile casino industry’s growth, and, thanks to the pandemic, this year has been no different.

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Some countries have recorded an increase of almost 100% in the use of mobile casinos, thanks mostly to the lockdown. Experts believe that mobile casinos will boom even further from 2021 onwards after the land-based casino industry’s enormous losses this year.

How Smartphones Have Changed the Online Gambling Industry? 1

Naturally, as land-based casinos try to find new ways of increasing their revenue after such a challenging year, they will probably start developing their own mobile apps.

These could allow players from all over the world to enjoy the same games they would find in a brick-and-mortar casino without having to leave their homes.

Numerous other factors may influence the growth of the industry. For example, a lot of hope rests on the shoulders of young gamblers and the innovative gambling technologies that may attract them, such as virtual reality casinos.

Of course, many new markets are yet to be conquered, which is also likely to contribute to the online gambling industry’s growth.

How Could These Apps Change the Industry Further?

Mobile apps that have been optimized to offer the same features as desktop websites are becoming more popular among gamblers.

Not only are they faster, but they are also much more convenient, as they allow players to access games and other features on the go with ease.

Furthermore, there is no difference in the gambling experience, regardless of the device you decide to use.

However, you should be aware that the best casinos in the industry, such as Jackpot Cash Casino Mobile, are more likely to develop great apps, boasting fantastic graphics, and usability.

Nevertheless, developers need to be aware of the challenges they may face. Even though SSL and firewall technologies have been used for some time now, hackers have still not been dissuaded from attempting to hack into casinos’ archives.

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This is why mobile casinos should take even more precautions to keep their clients’ data safe.

However, even though these casinos are available in the Apple Store and the Play Store, they cannot be downloaded on all devices. In fact, in most cases, the same app can’t be found for both iOS and Android devices.

Unfortunately, this issue may negatively impact the mobile casino industry’s growth, as many players may still opt for desktop websites instead.

This may not be such a bad thing if you’re the type to prefer your gaming – including iGaming – through your PC. And probably for good reason.

There are many no deposit casino bonuses NZ casinos have to show for it, which is huge considering there is no minimum deposit needed in order for you to get started.


Smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives, including communication, business, and entertainment.

They have managed to change the world of online gambling, and they are probably one of the main reasons why the whole industry has experienced such growth in recent years.

This is why many land-based casinos that aim to grow in the future have invested in their websites and developed platforms and apps compatible with various mobile devices.

If brick-and-mortar casinos want to stay relevant, they should consider investing in mobile apps and take advantage of their widespread popularity.


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