5 Ways To Grow Your Blogging Business Like A Startup

5 Ways To Grow Your Blogging Business Like A Startup

5 Ways To Grow Your Blogging Business Like A Startup

“How to earn money online?” has always been the burning question on the internet. During the spread of Covid-19, millions of people lost their jobs and were restricted to their homes for months.

While most people wasted this time in binge-watching shows, some utilized the lockdown to explore new ways of earning money online.

Freelance writing, surveying websites, and affiliate marketing are the most efficient ways of earning some extra cash.

Pause for a minute! Are these earning methods sustainable in the long-term? Well, not really because your job is not permanent, and your income totally depends on the availability of work.

Blogging, if done correctly, will give you the freedom to quit your full-time job. Let me explain how you can set up your first blog!

What is Blogging?

What started out as a personal diary for internet users to write down their thoughts and routine activities have now turned into a money-making scheme.

When digital marketing became a trend, some businesses discovered blogging as an advertising tool for their products, which totally changed the online marketing landscape.

You need to be passionate about the topics that you will cover in your blog. If you are not tech-savvy, you will never be able to write convincing technology-related content.

While choosing your blogging niche, the biggest deciding factor should be the readers’ interest. You will generate ad revenue only if you attract a decent monthly readership.

How to Create a Blog?

Contrary to what most people think, creating a blog is not a painful process; it doesn’t involve coding, which is a sign of relief for the majority of aspiring bloggers.

You will only need to spare 15 minutes for this task.

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1. Buy a Hosting Plan

Every website is hosted on a specific platform.

5 Ways To Grow Your Blogging Business Like A Startup 1

Your blog also needs a hosting platform for your content to be visible to internet users.

Now, select a domain name for your blog; it will serve as your blog web address, so choose a creative one.

You can try any one of them to buy your new hosting for your blog: BlueHost, Hostgator, WPX Hosting & Liquid Web.

2. Install WordPress

You can use a software tool like WordPress to create your blog. You will have the option to install plugins, set themes, and create categories for all the topics you will discuss on your blog.

Check out the latest trending WordPress Themes at discounted prices.

3. Publish Your First Post

WordPress is extremely easy to navigate, so you will not face any trouble in figuring things out.

You can add a new post by selecting this option from WordPress’s dashboard.

Here you go! Your voice can now be heard by millions of people online.

Website Versus Blog

Let me clear all your doubts first! Blogs and websites are two different things. A Blog is a type of website where you regularly update the content, market your products, and post engaging stuff.

On the other hand, a website is static in terms of content that is occasionally updated.

A blog allows the readers to give feedback in the form of comments, whereas a website is just a one-way communication tool.

The world’s leading companies, like Tesla and Pepsi, will always prefer setting up a website instead of a blog. Why do you think so?

The reason is that they are only concerned with sharing facts and product information with their users, which is not always the case with blogs.

Depending on the topic, blogs can include research-based data along with opinions and personal thoughts.

Social media influencers might create a blog by their own name and publish topics like favorite clothing brands, movies, and tourist attractions.

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Tips for Growing Your Blog Like a Startup

1. Plan Your Journey

Most of the bloggers fail to make a mark in this field due to a lack of direction and strategy. I am not denying the importance of choosing blog topics that you are passionate about, but you must cater to the reader’s demands.

If you have been on a world tour and want to write about the best theme parks that you visited, do some keyword research first.

Target high volume keywords and design your blog posts around them. There is a possibility that no one searches for a theme park.

If a high percentage of people are searching for carpet cleaning methods on google, publish a blog post about it.

This will rank your blog in search results, attract a greater number of readers, and generate more money through AdSense.

2. Divide Responsibilities

You are a blogger, not a writer! Did you understand what I am trying to convey?

If you are going to spend all day writing blog posts, you will never be able to grow your small blog into a million-dollar business.

You need to work smart over here. Hire freelancers for writing blog posts and consider hiring a content manager to make sure that the content meets your blog’s standards.

3. Look for Sponsors

You have handed over the writing part to others, so now you have ample time to contact brands and make offers for sponsored posts.

Your priority should be to let the brands discover you but if that doesn’t work, reach out to companies in a professional manner.

Affiliate marketing programs can also be profitable for bloggers.

In these programs, you will review and promote a company’s product by inserting a link in your blog post and earn a commission every time the product is purchased through that link.

4. Build Relationships

The primary goal of your blog is to generate revenue, which is extremely difficult for a beginner to achieve.

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There are thousands of established bloggers in the market working in every niche that you can think of.

How will you survive then?

You need to build a loyal audience for your content!

Try to interact with your readers by replying to their comments, asking for suggestions, and providing regular updates.

Another way to stay on your readers’ radar is to create social media accounts where you can post links to your blog posts.

Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content at ShareASale.

5. Learn from Your Mistakes

If you never fail, you never learn! It’s totally fine to implement new ideas for your blog’s success.

A wise person never repeats the same mistakes, so keep an account of every success and failure in your blogging journey, which will help you devise new strategies.

If a particular niche is not attracting readers, stop posting content related to it.

This will help you filter out the most popular blogging categories and will also save your time and money.

Final Thoughts

I have made it clear that blogging is quite easy if you take it up as a hobby.

If you are looking forward to creating the next Huffington Post or Engadget, consider blogging as a full-time job.

Whenever you decide on starting a blog, come back to this article for complete guidance.

My final advice for you is to stay motivated throughout your blogging journey because every successful blogger has faced difficulties but still dared to continue.

What are you passionate about?

Take your time because your answer will define your blogging career!

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